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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: His Edward, so nice to meet you!

    Think: How Twilight. Poor guy will be compared to a sparkly vamp his whole life.

    This is my son Theodore. You can call him Teddy.
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    Say: Hi Theodore, I love your name!

    Think: I love Theodore, but I hate Teddy, it ruins the name. Theo is a much better NN choice

    This is my daughter Jasmine

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    Say: Hi Jasmine, nice to meet you.
    Think: A Whole New World!!! No thanks.

    This is my daughter Julie.

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    Say: Julie what a cute little girl you are

    Think: It's cute but not as beautiful as Julianne or Julianna

    This is my daughter Daneel

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    Say: That's unusual, is she named after the actress?

    Think: Kid's gonna be called Daniel her whole life.

    Hi, I'd like you to meet my daughter Penelope, we call her Poppy.
    Plenty of novel babies but no real ones for a few more years.
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