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Thread: Lily Ana

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    Lily Ana

    I love the name Lily, but last name starts with an L which makes it sound awkward. What do you think of Lily Ana? Could go by both names and just Lily for short... What do you think of Lily Ana?

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    Re: Lily Ana

    I think it's very pretty, and I think aliteration can be quite charming, so I don't see anything wrong with using this name with an L last name.
    BUT, I think it's awkward to use Lily as the first and Ana as the middle. I think it would make much more sense to just use Liliana as the first name. Lily Ana would be like Eliza Beth. Liliana just looks so much more elegant and pulled together, and can still be shortened to Lily. Plus, this frees you up to use another name you love in the middle.
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    Re: Lily Ana

    Its ok if the last name starts with an L. And, i like Lilly spelling better and I love Lilly Ana.

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    Re: Lily Ana

    I agree that if you love Lily (so do I), don't worry about your "L" last name. Alliteration can be beautiful.

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    Re: Lily Ana

    Last name is one syllable... eg. Lily Lo to me sounds like a bit of a tongue twister. But Lily Ana Lo sounds better to me. What do you prefer: Lily Ana Lo or Liliana (middle name here) Lo?

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