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  • Rowan

    10 66.67%
  • Sidney

    3 20.00%
  • Morgan

    2 13.33%
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    Re: Sidney vs Rowan vs Morgan - help!

    Thanks! We thought we'd decided on Sidney Warren... Just love the combination! Warren is one of my all time favourite names and hubby loves Sidney... We have considered Warren Sidney but I don't think it flows as well?

    Francis will stay - it was my grandfathers name and I love it paired with Rowan. I do agree that Rowan Frances would be a girls name however much I dislike Rowan on a girl, but I consider the spelling Francis too be male...! Rowan is hubby's favourite name and although I like it a lot, I'm not totally convinced and Francis has special significance to me...

    Morgan is hub's 3rd choice, I like it but not as much as either Sidney or Rowan. Harvey is another love of mine but hub isn't convinced - he likes it paired with Morgan though.

    So difficult!

    Thanks, Rachel x

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    Re: Sidney vs Rowan vs Morgan - help!

    Francis is obviously the male version I just meant that hearing it outloud, it sounds the same as Frances and so the combo Rowan Francis wouldn't indicate a clear gender. Something that would bother me but if it's not a problem for you then you should go for it! Especially with such personal meaning in the name!

    Sidney Warren is gorgeous, I don't like the flow of Warren Sidney nearly as much! What about Sidney Francis so that you can still use your grandfather's name? I know that's something very important to me too!

    I think Morgan Harvey should probably be thrown out as a combo though as you're not sure about Morgan and your husbands not sure about Harvey so it seems to me you're both settling in that combo.

    I'd say Rowan, Sidney or Warren would all make wonderful first names. Have you considered Warren Francis since you love Warren so much and Francis has such personal meaning? Maybe then if you had another son in the future he could be Sidney Rowan for your husbands two favourite names? Hehe. Just and idea!!

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    Re: Sidney vs Rowan vs Morgan - help!

    I love all three names. I think of all of them as ultimately masculine names, including Rowan. I wouldn't worry too much about the whole Rowan Francis thing, by the time he's old enough to care, it's going to be obvious he's a boy. It might cause a little confusion when he's a tiny baby (but old people think tiny babies called Isabella Genevieve are boys - people are just daft) or in some anonymous situations (health insurance cold callers, but seriously most of them are daft too) but never anywhere it matters.

    I voted for Sidney, but I think all of them work beautifully, which isn't much help!

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