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Thread: CAF Quiz 5 NSRN

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    CAF Quiz 5 NSRN

    P1 First: Would you ever go into an abandoned old barn on a dare?
    Yes: Lucienne, Victorina, Genoa, Grace, Jacob, Nevin, Maximus, Walter
    No: Sarah, Natalie, Galilea, Orlaith, Loki, Octavius, Gulliver, Kaspar

    P1 Middle: What about on a date?
    Yes: Raelyn, Zarela, Nora, Onyx, Dhani, Desmond, Thaddeus, Carrick
    No: Jin, Hetty, Paulette, Valentina, Zane, Arley, Atlas, Johannes
    Only if it was the last possible option: Louise, Abra, Juanetta,

    P2 First: Say you bought a pair of squeaky-clean shining white sneakers. How long does it take for you to get them dirty?
    About a day or two: Arleth, Serenade, Deirdre, Mariel, Cash, Bello, Eric, Tobiah
    A week or two: Kirsten, Brielle, Sophia, Elodie, Alvan, Quiglea, Nolan, Finley
    A month or two: Anaelle, Elizabeth, Kenzie, Khaleesi, Chase, Fallon, Jackson, Frankie
    Never: Accalia, Routh, Adara, Oatha, Paquito, Pauli, Saturday, Paramesh

    P2 Middle: Have you ever had to entertain younger family members?
    Yes: Emily, Kitty, Xanthippe, Bruna, Buster, Donati, Igor, Naoko
    No: Addison, Lenox, Cecilia, Stacia, Lance, Leon, Miles, Tibor

    C1 First: Have you ever been on an airplane?
    Yes: Chamois, Camilia, Amelia, Yza, Emiliano, Terence, Pedder, Loyal
    No: Arella, Prissy, Karolina, Safaa, Aurelius, Edison, Gideon, Lenox

    C1 Middle: Have you ever dyed your hair?
    Yes: Edina, Shad, Monroe, Louvenia, Carmine, Wilkie, Nashua, Ethan
    No: Honoria, Alasne, Birch, Robin, Joseph, Murray, Trysten, Milo

    C2 First: Ice or no ice?
    Ice: Lacey, Cora, Aliz, Annette, Grant, Julius, Noah, Nathaniel
    No ice: Aliz, Vasilia, Charlie, Sylena, Clarence, Ryland, Levi, Cyrano

    C2 Middle: Do you like Twizzlers?
    Yes: Alanna, Farah, Aria, Amita, Soren, Pim, Ezekiel, Quaid
    No: Ora, Nicole, Anais, Emerson, Levin, Trentin, Jace, Columba

    C3 First: You've dressed up as Princess Tiana. A little kid comes up to you and wants to play! You say okay, but all of a sudden the kid pulls out a cute little frog from behind their back. They say, “if you're really Princess Tiana, you would kiss the frog.” How far would you go to stay in character?
    Say that you don't need to since you've already met Prince Naveen: Kiona, Nina, Nasia, May, Janus, Jasper, Hudson, Xander
    Kiss the frog to prove that you're really the princess, in turn impressing the kid: Sebastiane, Karah, Coltrane, Karissa, Jazztin, Koda, Emrys, Hanish
    Say no and rip off your tiara.
    You don't need to this kid’s validation and you don't feel like kissing a frog: Joan, Mari, Nana, Sonia, Byram, Malcohm, Jeferson, Daniel
    Kiss the frog because you genuinely like frogs: Ariella, Roux, Penelope, Liya, Alessio, Warner, Frederick, Koa

    C3 Middle: Lemon or lime?
    Lemon: Desiree, Asher, Gertrude, Ame, Samuel, Gordon, Demeter, Brody
    Lime: Zahara, Neilia, Kalila, Imogen, Takeo, Timaeus, Reeve, Tuck

    C4/C5 First: Which is scarier, climbing up a tree or climbing down a tree?
    Climbing up: Calliope, Elysia, Celeste, Aaron, Chaz, Keiran, Dhani, Tobias
    Climbing down: Coen, Vivika, Augie, Margot, Declan, Lysander, Ezra, Luca

    C4/C5 Middle: Are snakes scary?
    Yes: Emma, Havilah, Sameria, Elspeth, Rahim, Art, Reeve, Ramiro
    No: Vinnie, Orarariana, Scarlett, Primetta, Wyatt, Titus, Hector, Mulligan

    C6 First: What's your favorite type of bell?
    Bluebell: Ava, Blue, Braelyn, Keelyn, Ryder, Sonny, Arturo, Babson
    Bell bottom jeans: Sabine, Gemma, Naamit, Naomi, Arlen, Theon, Bodhi, Rory
    Cowbell: Emily, Rosaline, Daenerys, Rhiannon, Increase, Cecil, Pitt, Howell
    Liberty Bell: Aubrielle, Jenny, Cadenza, Adelyn, Hiroko, Derrick, Oliver, Zac
    Belle from Beauty and the Beast: Aubree, Brooklyn, Kitty, Priscilla, Eldin, Carson, Graham, Thomas
    Dinner Bell: Cassandra, Rose, Veruca, Maegan, Roosevelt, Sahil, Llewellyn, Mitchell
    School Bell: Keela, Anya, Myla, Tallulah, Knox, Cohen, Talmai, Colin

    C6 Middle: Train or bus?
    Train: Guilette, Maggie, Brynna, Tiffany, Earlie, Clive, Asa, Bartholomew
    Bus: Zelah, Susanna, Haven, Idabel, Olyver, Karlen, Zen, Seymour

    C7 First: Would you ever skinny dip?
    Yes: Rianne, Meg, Valeriana, Graziella, Parr, Parren, Harold, Huxley
    No: Rosaline, Sailor, Amelia, Solenne, Parson, Santi, Will, Parthenios

    C7 Middle: Have you ever slipped and fallen into mud?
    Yes: Georganna, Annabelle, Avalyn, London, Parton, Pinchas, Parvaiz, Franklin
    No: Loreen, Paislee, Mckenna, Nanna, Pascal, Ace, Maximilian, Pastor

    C7S First: Have you ever bought something just to sell it again?
    Yes: Adelaide, Babson, Margalo, Aanya, Hendrix, Santiago, Patricio, Dolph
    No: Lizina, Trina, Conwenna, Karma, Patrick, Joah, Edmund, Ewan

    C7S Middle: Do you like The Wizard of Oz?
    Yes: Lucille, Gem, Lovely, Cosima, Arthur, Tillie, Stanek, Declan
    No: Isabelle, Juno, Caroline, Presley, Bodhi, Matthew, Hunter, Alabaster

    GC 1 First: Have you ever regifted something?
    Yes: Jeremine, Jerusha, Minerva, Cecilia, Josiah, Braxton, Banyan, Carmine
    No: Shinella, Yaritza, Liticia, Aqua, Rossi, Piere, Soryl, Rambo

    GC 1 Middle: Sports car or minivan?
    Sports car: Isobel, Skylar, Cat, Helene, Lance, Andreas, Wesley, O’Brian
    Minivan: Aurelius, Stark, Tylah, Alaska, Sage, Johannes, Matthew, Julia

    GC 2 First: Waterslides or roller coasters?
    Waterslides: Elder, Jenny, Mae, Kess, Onyx, Paul, Nicholas, Atticus
    Roller coasters: Liv, Amma, Jolene, Saoirse, Humphrey, Sun, Ricardo, Mikel

    GC 2 Middle: Have you ever gardened?
    Yes: Aubree, Leslie, Jinan, Ellie, Drum, Konrad, Sebastian, Harum
    No: Dore, Scarlett, Fenella, Bunny, Zenobie, Jamie, Ericson, Logan

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    River Ellis - Everett Madden - Lincoln Perseus - August Reuel

    Owen - Rhys - Parker - Dallas - Jackson / Isolde - Opal - April - Ellie - Peyton
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    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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