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    Re: It's not unique... it's just spelled wrong.

    My mom is crazy about unique spellings. For example, my name is Kourtni, not Courtney. However, when people come across my name they actually like it more. I've had nothing but compliments on my spelling -- people mostly say it has a more feminine flair to it. I used to hate it as a child because I couldn't have personalized pencils, but I've come to embrace my spelling. I really don't mind spelling it out for people, it only takes an extra 5 seconds.

    The only single problem I've had with my name is a confidentiality/security issue. I work as a nurse on the psychiatric ward of the local hospital, and they had to spell my name Courtney on my identity badge so I couldn't be tracked down by patients; I'm the only Kourtni in my whole community!

    My sister's names are Kierstyn and Kamryn. I actually helped spell Kamryn's name when my mom was pregnant with her (no, I wasn't 6 -- I was 18! ) Anyways, my mother wanted to keep the "K" theme going, but Kameron still looked a bit masculine to me. Now, Kamryn is actually a really common spelling for little girls.

    Now that I'm expecting my first child (a girl due later this month!) I've come across several different issues on spellings. In the beginning I was considering the name Kinsey, and my mom wanted me to spell it Kinzie! Anyways, we've settled on the name Kara -- Not Cara because of obvious family ties and Kara looks more feminine to me. While Kara isn't too far out there (I think...), I believe people should not judge a person (or their parents) based on the spelling of their name. It might have sentimental meaning to them, or they could be of a different heritage. If there were only one spelling of every name, that would be quite a bit of monotomy I'd think!
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    Re: It's not unique... it's just spelled wrong.

    Hi! Interesting post!
    I'm usually against creative spelling. Names are words, nouns, and you wouldn't write a normal noun in an incorrect way,just because you like it. If I write karr instead of car, it is definetly a spelling mistake. In a name, it's annoying too. For example: Jessica/Jesika or Sophia/Zofheea

    There are some legitims variations, that are orthographically correct, for example: Isabel (Spanish)/Isabelle (French)/Isobel (Scotish) or Sara/Sarah/Sarai, Catherine/Katherine, Sofia/Sophia/Sophie/Zofia. If you chose one of this variations, you wouldn't be making a mistake, perhaps some of them sounds more original (Mairi insted od Mary), but yuo are not going against all the spelling rules.

    So, if you are using a legitime variations, it's ok. But if you have to make up the name to make it feel fresher, I think you hould look for another name!
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    Re: It's not unique... it's just spelled wrong.

    I hate it to no end when people take a name and mush muddle the spelling like that. It is awful and it looks stupid. And honestly, it really feels like only the lessor..ummm....intelligent...lower class..for a serious lack of better terminology..parents do that.

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    Re: It's not unique... it's just spelled wrong.

    So I just read this whole post :/ and I have a few comments:

    The whole Tayla vs Taylor debate. Tayla might be pronounced the same as Taylor in some British accents but they are still different names. It would be the same as my name. My English family pronounces my name Johanner instead of Johanna but that doesn't mean that calling your child Johanner would be the same as calling them Johanna.
    I actually know a 9 year old girl with the name Tayla and find it very nice.

    I am not a fan of creative spellings (just read some of my posts!) and wouldn't use them for my children but of course everyone is allowed to name their children what ever they want.
    A perfect example would be a woman I know named her daughter Adycyn and I pronounced it Ad-dee-sin and the mom freaked and said she was Ad-duh-son just like Addison.
    Name your child whatever you want and spell it however you want but I reserve the right to pronounce it the way it looks.
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    Re: It's not unique... it's just spelled wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by sili annie
    Name your child whatever you want and spell it however you want but I reserve the right to pronounce it the way it looks.
    Amen to that!
    I am pretty against unique spellings, and I have the same opinion as a lot of you: if you really want your child to have a unique name then chose something that isn't incredibly popular as opposed to adding extra letters or feng shui-ing a popular name. And if you really love a popular name then just use it.

    And I do think it is completely a parent's choice how to spell their childs name, but I think there also needs to be a line, and that line needs to be the pronunciation line. If I can look at the name and pronounce it correctly (for example Isabelle/Izabelle) then whatever. That is your choice. But if you decide to name your child Yzzibel don't be surprised or annoyed if I don't pronounce it right. Personally I think you've just doomed your child to correct people on her name for her entire life, but you do what you gotta do.

    I have an issue, too, with certain names that when I read them I cannot figure out how they are the same name even though they are so-called "ligitimate" spellings. My two best examples: Zoey and Zooey, Isaiah and Isiah. How are those the same names? Maybe you guys can help me out on this...
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