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    My mom loved the name Cassie from a soap opera and had mentioned this to my grandmother who then suggested that she name me Cassandra and call me Cassie. My middle name is Sarah and that comes from my Great Grandma's name.
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    When I was born, my family had just recently immigrated to the US (from Eastern Europe). My siblings were both born overseas, and have rather ethnic names but my father was so excited to be a new American (he had always dreamed of coming to the USA) that he wanted me to have a name that was as American as apple pie. So they named me Amy after the president's daughter (Amy Carter was only 9 years old at the time, and receiving lots of media attention for being the first child in the White House for some time). I was never given a middle name, so when I got married I retained my maiden name as my middle name.
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    I was born in the US to an american dad and My swedish mother. They wanted me to have an english first name, My first middle name to be swedish and My second one to be biblical. My name is Ashley Clara Keziah, and all of My siblings have a swedish middle name as well as a biblical one.
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    My mum wanted to call me loads of different names Florence, Rosie, Tammy, Tamsin, Emily, Amelia but my nan didnt like any of the names as she said they don't sound good with the surname.
    My parents agree on Marie as the middle name. I don't know where she got it from but my other nan got a money box with Kelly on it so my parents called me Kelly Marie.

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    My siblings voted (yes, they voted) between my mother's and my father's choice. My mother wanted Renee, my father Rebecca. And my mother's choice won! (thank goodness).
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