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    Ilan's Baby Sister!!

    At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on August 15, after almost 13 hours of tough labor, Bluma Sicily finally decided it was time to greet the world! She is absolutely beautiful, and we couldn't be happier. Her big brother Ilan is just enamored with her and tells everyone we meet how proud he is to be a big brother.

    Bluma was a Namberry suggestion, and I just want to thank you guys so much for all your awesome, subtle nature names. We are definitely keeping them in store for another future baby. We decided on Bluma because we just love it (and its a nature name like Ilan), and we put Sicily in the middle because that's where DH and I met when we were teenagers.

    Thanks again! and good luck to all other expectant mothers, fathers, and just name aficionados.

    Megan, Ziv, Ilan, and "Baby Blu"

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    Re: Ilan's Baby Sister!!

    Congratulations! Bluma is a lovely name!
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    Re: Ilan's Baby Sister!!

    Bluma Sicily is so unusual, and very pretty. Congratulations!


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