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    Middle Name for Evelyn

    Keep in mind that 80 of Scots use their middle rather than their first given name. Maybe it wasnt a mistake by the enumerator.

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    Re: Middle Name for Evelyn

    My little girl's name is Evelyne Piper. But it took me a while to find her mn, so this might help:

    Look for names that don't have the same first letter as the first name. So, if it's Evelyn, don't go for Eve, PLEASE. Or Easter, or, Echo, or Elaine. . . .
    Think of names that don't clash. So you can't use Evelyn Nancy, because of the two "n's". Here's some options:

    Evelyn Taylor
    Evelyn Sophia
    Evelyn Kisha
    Evelyn Rhita
    Evelyn Rochell
    Evelyn Aamber (too many vowels?)
    Evelyn Cecilia
    Evelyn Yevett(e)
    Evelyn Polly
    Evelyn Marie/Mary
    Evelyn Beth
    Evelyn Victoria

    Good luck!
    niki72 :) !!

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    My name's Ruth Evelyn and I think it will sound lovely the other way round

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    I know a couple who named their child Evelyn Nancy! I never thought the names clashed before, but now that you mention it...

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