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    Re: REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

    It's been quite a while, but I remember my pregnancy symptoms. With both kids, I felt really nauseated. I hated chicken which I normally love. I only wanted to eat shrimp and vegetables such as salad bar. I could try to eat beef, but I didn't love it. I hated going to the grocery store and seeing pictures of food on packaging. It made me feel really sick.
    After the first trimester, I had a slightly better appetite, but I still felt nauseated. I liked spaghetti with tomato sauce. I never ate very much, but I gained the normal amount of pregnancy weight anyway.
    My nipples hurt a lot when I was first pregnant. With my first baby, I felt solid in my pelvic area. But when I was pregnant with my daughter, it felt like everything in the lower part of my body was about to let loose and fall down on the floor. It was an awful feeling! I did have bleeding now and then, and I had to lie in bed a lot.
    I was really, really tired during the first trimester with both kids. I read that it's because my body was working so hard at building a strong placenta.
    People say that you glow when you're pregnant. I felt that I looked awful. My hair was really flat and dingy. I was very happy once I gave birth!

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    Re: REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

    I've had cramps (almost like period cramps) and ravenous hunger. I have to eat and eat lots.

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    Re: REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

    I had all the usual early pregnancy symptoms that you hear about but one that was a little different was joint pain. In both my pregnancies almost the earliest symptom was that my joints felt weird and were easily injured, After about the five week mark this went away. The first time it was all in my elbows and the second time it was my knees - I kept spraining them just by walking around. I'm an avid swimmer and I also noted that my joints felt almost like they were hyperextending due to the water resistance. I had to modify all my strokes to keep everything braced.
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    Re: REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

    My very first pregnancy symptom was very mildly burning breasts before I took the test which was when I was almost 4 weeks along.

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    Re: REAL pregnancy symptoms from REAL moms

    My first symptoms was that I actually felt pregnant before I even did a test! I just knew I was...
    At 5 weeks I became tired, could sleep all night and day! I'm now almost 20 weeks along and am still tired. No morning sickness here at all, lucky me :-)

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