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    Spanish child French last name

    We just adopted a three year old half Hispanic boy. We have a French name (Guite'). For security purposes we are renaming him this summer and he thinks that will be fun. Currently his name is Christian. We will keep that as his middle name. We are really struggling as to what to name him. Our daughter is named Simone. We have thrown out Pascal, Matteo and Joaquin as possible names. Any suggestions will be appreciated. We like unpopular names.

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    Re: Spanish child French last name

    Hi, congrats on your little boy :)

    How about?:

    Charles Christian Guite
    Ambrose Christian Guite
    Sebastian Christian Guite (not sure about the flow of this name with Christian)
    Quincy Christian Guite
    Warren Christian Guite
    Nathaniel Christian Guite
    Curtis Christian Guite
    Luis Christian Guite
    Leroy Christian Guite
    Travis Christian Guite (Love Travis with Simone :))
    Jasper Christian Guite
    Sidney Christain Guite (Sidney may be too similar to Simone!)
    Salvador Christian Guite
    Antonio Christian Guite
    Marcel Christian Guite
    Octavio Christian Guite
    Valentino Christian Guite
    Andre Christian Guite
    Diego Christian Guite
    Hugo Christian Guite
    Emilio Christian Guite

    You could also spell the middle name Cristian instead of Christian to honour his Spanish roots.

    My favourites to go with your daughter Simone are:

    Charles and Simone (nn Charlie)
    Ambrose and Simone
    Nathaniel and Simone
    Curtis and Simone
    Travis and Simone
    Hugo and Simone

    Good luck!

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    Re: Spanish child French last name

    Joaquin is perfect!

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    Re: Spanish child French last name

    If he is old enough to think that is cool, what are some names he and you like? :)

    Also, I'm half mexican and I have a "white" name, I don't think that should make a big difference.


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