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    Hi my name is Scarlett Sterling and my husband is Theo Sterling! I recently found out I am having quintuplets! We are naming them in alphebetical order, and their middle names are mostly thanks to their older twin sisters, Violet and Josephine, who are 7, and Delilah and Rose who are 4.

    Annelise Aurora(Sleeing Beauty-Rose's fave)
    Bennett "Ben" Sebastian(Little Mermaid-Delilah. If he was a girl, his MN would have been Ursula...)
    Cora Gabriella(High School Musical, anyone?-Violet)
    Dashiell Troy(HSM-Violet)
    Elena Giselle(Enchanted-Josie)

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    *I think I posted one twice!*

    My name is Autumn Andrew-Hartings and my husband is Jack Hartings. My sister is Lina(see above). I am also expecting quads! It is really exciting to be pregnant at the same time, with the same amount. I already have twin girls named Clara and Ivy who are 4. Like both Lina and Scarlett, my little girls have helped me with names.

    Charlotte Ruby(Ivy's fav books are Max & Ruby)
    Annabel Angelina(Clara LOVES Angelina Ballerina)
    Jasper Maxwell(Again, Ivy with her Max & Ruby)
    Milo Henry(Apparently Angelina has a cousin Henry-Clara)

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    Our Story.

    My name is Amy McCollough. I met my husband, Chase McCollough, at a football game through mutual friends. He is a military man. We met in the September. Got engaged in December and were married on March 29th in a Temple Sealing. He is 5 years older than me. We currently live in Washington.

    Together we have 8 children.

    Baby#1 - It's a boy. His name is Jameson Lowell McCollough. He is now 15 years old. He loves music, playing guitar and football.

    Baby#2 - It's a boy. His name is Jasper Ellington McCollough. He is now 13 years old. He is an athlete at heart. Love all sports.

    Baby#3 - It's a boy. His name is Bowen Samuel McCollough. He is now 10 years old. He is a smart kid. Loves to discover things.

    Baby#4 - It's a boy. His name is August Wellington McCollough. He is now 8 years old. He is the adventurous one.

    Baby#5 - It's a boy. His name is Brooks Dawson McCollough. He is now 6 years old.

    The Triplets!! They are 3 years old. Babies 6, 7 and 8.

    Baby#6 - It's a girl. Her name is Colette Pearl McCollough. She is a dare devil. Loves trying new things.

    Baby#7 - It's a girl. Her name is Guinevere Maeve McCollough. She is the artistic one. Loves to draw and read.

    Baby#8 - It's a girl. Her name is Mabel Charlotte McCollough. She is the 'baby' of the family. She likes to sing and dance.

    We are currently enjoying our family. We are not sure If we would like to have more kids yet. Whatever the future holds for us.
    We are 35 and 40. We may have one more.

    Our Family - Chase and Amy.
    Jameson, Jasper, Bowen, August, Brooks, Colette, Guinevere and Mabel!
    Under Construction!

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    Hello, I'm Carys Love and have been married to Lewis Grant for eleven years, finally we are pregnant after nearly ten years of trying although we had to resort to fertility treatments. Because of that I am carrying quadruplets: one set of identical twin girls and one set of identical twin boys! We will name our quads, Roberta Athena, Erika Minerva, Tobias Tennyson, and Sebastian Sullivan. We wanted the individual sets of twins to have coordinated names, but we also wanted there to be a link through all four as well. The girls names are all three syllables and end in "a", their middle names are also the Goddesses of wisdom but one is Roman and the other Greek. The boys both have alliterative first/middle name combos. And all of the children's middle names contain an "n". So there we go, Carys (36) and Lew (38) expecting our beautiful quads: Bobby, Eri, Tobias, and Seb.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Hi, I'm Cleo Mason and I'm married to Noah Mason. We already have 2 children: Philippa Lotte "Pippa" (5) and Desmond Otto (3). Pippa is named after Noah's grandmother, Filippa. Desmond's name is from the TV show Lost, and Otto is the name of Anne Frank's father. We are expecting twins: a girl and a boy! We are naming them Sybil Idalia and Jude Andreas. Sybil is named after the Downton Abbey character and Andreas is after a book character. So we have Pippa, Dez, Sybil, and Jude!

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