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Thread: tag??

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    Re: tag??

    Quote Originally Posted by lyndsayjenness
    Quote Originally Posted by devon7
    Quote Originally Posted by liveaparis

    Was it Tag or Tad?
    It was Tad
    On IMDB it says Tag Jones was the Friends character
    I remember it as Tag also, but mostly my impression of the quirky name was that it was likely short for something.

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    Re: tag??

    Could be short for Taggart, a surname name I haven't seen yet.

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    Re: tag??

    He introduced himself as TAG JONES in an interview. I assume he was sharing his full name in that formal setting. And I am sure it's TAG, not TAD. I've watched it way too much, lol.

    In the end, apparently, not a lot of people will associate the name with the, to the original poster, I do think it's a cute name!

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    Re: tag??

    I also immediately think of the Friends character.

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    Re: tag??

    i also think of the Friends character...but honestly i don't hate the name and the guy on Friends was pretty cute. I would probably name him Taggart but maybe not...i like short word names though. I seriously doubt a kid would get made fun of because his name is also a kid game and whats so bad about that?? my sons name is dash and i guess people could make fun of him if he ever decides to run the 50 yard dash or whatever but they could make fun of every name for some stupid reason.

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