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Thread: Eliza???

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    I've posted before that my husband and I both really like the name Eliza, but we can't come up with a middle name we both like. My most recent suggestion (and he seems to like it) is Eliza Lillian Berry. But does it have too many 'L' sounds??? We've gone through so many names, I'm just confused now!

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    Re: Eliza???


    Eliza Lillian Berry has a heavy L sound, but it certainly isn't too much! It helps that Eliza has the strong Z sound to separate the L sounds - if it were Ella Lillian, we'd have trouble!

    If you love it, use it! Good luck!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Eliza???

    I love Eliza -- great choice. Eliza Lillian sounds fine to me, and more importantly (since we SEE our full names far more than we SAY them), LOOKS really good.

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