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  • Tallulah Joy

    8 7.48%
  • Celia Mae(mom's fave)

    29 27.10%
  • Molly June(father's fave)

    23 21.50%
  • Harriet Emmeline

    10 9.35%
  • Scarlett Eloise

    16 14.95%
  • Amelia June

    18 16.82%
  • Yetta/Etta Ruth (family name)

    3 2.80%
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Thread: Twin Girls!

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    Re: Twin Girls!

    My favorites are Celia and Harriet, which I think go best together and are great companions in terms of style and feel. I also like Celia and Scarlett, though you have a definite good girl/bad girl thing going on there. Even though Celia and Molly are both short forms long used on their own, Molly feels much more casual to me than Celia. I think they can work though, and it makes a nice balance if Celia is your first choice and Molly your husband's.

    Although Amelia is a lovely name, I am concerned that the raft of Emma and Emily relatives is getting so widely used that, along with the #1 and #3 names, the group has just become epidemic. And you're totally right that Amelia and Celia can't go together....but Celia is by far the better of the two.
    Pam Satran

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    Re: Twin Girls!

    Celia Mae and Etta Ruth!!

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    Re: Twin Girls!

    I like Scarlett. I just don't think Scarlett Eloise has a nice ring.

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    Re: Twin Girls!

    What about naming one girl Amelia June but giving her the nn Molly? Could that work?

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