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    Oliver Wolf has arrived :)

    Oliver Wolf Last Name was born January 30th @ 6:43am weighing 9lbs 7oz! It was a long labour followed by a c-section and a few complications but we're finally home. Oliver is a strong little baby with a lively personality.

    I chose both his names with the help of Nameberry so thank you everyone for helping to name our first born son :)

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    Re: Oliver Wolf has arrived :)

    What a handsome name and congratulations!!
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Oliver Wolf has arrived :)

    Congratulations!!!! I love the name Oliver Wolf! (I'm so happy you went with Oliver.) :-) I hope you and Oliver are doing well! (And thanks for updating us! I've been curious about how you were doing and which name you chose!) :-)

    Best wishes to you!

    Take care! :-)

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    Re: Oliver Wolf has arrived :)

    Fantastic name! This name really stands out to me, I love it! Congratulations.

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    Re: Oliver Wolf has arrived :)

    Awesome name!
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