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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    (Sorry for repeats!) :-)

    Adeline: I love Adeline, but with the N ending sound, it sounds a bit matchy to me with your last name.

    You may also like:


    Sarah (too pop.): I think it's pretty...

    You may also like:

    Cora (although with an S last name, Cora S sounds like "chorus" :-)

    Charlotte (too pop.): I think this is beautiful, too...

    Louisa (oops...not with an S last name)

    French names:


    Clara (too much like Kara, my sister?): I love Clara! It's very close to Kara, so if you think you'll get them confused, that's what matters. I think it would be a cute way to honor your sister. You could always go with Claire if you're concerned about the similarity.

    Aubrey (too trendy):

    Audrey (popular)

    Heather (we both love, others feel it's too dated, opinions?): Heather feels very dated to me, but I'm in the U.S., and I'm not sure how it's perceived where you live. To me, Heather feels like Ashley and Chelsea...

    Here's what Pam and Linda wrote: "This flower name was one of the most popular in her class in the seventies and eighties (in the 1989 movie Heathers, every snobby girl in the high school clique bore that name), but now, though still pretty and evocative of the Scottish moors, it's beginning to feel as dusty as a bouquet of dried flowers."

    More flower names/plant names:


    Nadia: I can't help but think of Octomom these days...

    More you may like:


    Norah: I love Nora! :-)

    Eleanor (nn Nora)

    Rebecca: A lot of the other names feel fresher to me, but I think it's beautiful. (Now that I think about it, it sounds really "K" heavy with your last name...)

    Tabitha (nn Tibbie)

    Scarlett (again, too pop?): I think it's beautiful! It's #210 in the U.S., but I'm not sure about its popularity where you are. Oops! Scarlett Scurman doesn't have the best sound to me...

    Sonja: I think it's pretty, but I love some of the others more...

    Hannah (too popular):


    Benjamin: I really love Benjamin, but the ending sounds too close to your last name's ending to me.

    More Biblical names:

    Simon (oops...not with a last name ending in N)
    Tobiah (although Tobiah S. sounds like Tobias when I say it out loud...)

    Carter: Carter is very popular/trendy in the U.S. (#65)

    Abbott (nn Abe)
    Donovan (oops...N ending)

    Clark: It's kind of awkward for me to say with your last name...

    Elliott: I love it!

    Emmett: I think it's great, but Emma is the #1 name and Emily is the #4, so there are a lot of Ems around...


    Garrett: I like Grant more...

    Grant: Oh! Here's Grant! :-)

    Landon: It feels really trendy to me, and I think the names that don't end in an N sound better with your last name.

    As I think about it more, I really love longer first names with your last name.

    Also, I forgot about your dog and the EV names, so sorry about suggesting Everett so many times!

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    OK, time for some full replys... sorry it took so long. I am still working on getting back to each of you, thanks for all the help so far.

    @ Lemon

    Alice – Like it, on my long list
    Beatrice – Meh
    Caroline – Like it, on my long list
    Diana – Not for me
    Eliza – No (maybe the Z is what gets me)
    Frances – Too masculine
    Georgiana – Not bad, I would prefer a simple Georgia, but DH would not go for anything sounding like a US place name
    Hazel – One of the “old lady” names that is growing on me, not sure if I’m ready to go there
    Ivy – Another one of the “old lady” names that is growing on me
    Josephine – DH’s Aunt
    Katharina – Prefer Katherine, actually, love Katherine, but I have a cousin Kate, and I would want the option of Kate
    LaurelLOVE, but we spend a lot of time with a cousin Laura, and I think it might be too confusing for others (I also love Lara and Lauren, but Lara is too close to Laura again, and Lauren is way too popular)
    Matilda - Undecided
    Naomi – Not for me
    Olive – Super cute, but too much a word for it to work for me (also to close to the uber pop. Olivia)
    Phoebe – Like it a lot, but can’t imagine calling my own child Pheobe
    Quinn – Feels too trendy
    Regina – Place name to me (capital of Saskatchewan)
    Stella – Ok, now I have “Stella Ella Ola” stuck in my head, actually it’s an OK name, but not my style
    Thalia – Like it, almost added it to my list, until I remembered it’s taken in DH’s family (well, Talia, but close enough)
    Ursula – Evil octopus (guess I grew up in the Disney years)
    Vanessa – Knew a few too many evil ones
    Willa – Oh, how cute, but not formal enough for a first name for us. I’ll keep it on the spare middle name list in case a family first name comes up

    Alexander – Girl cousin Alex
    Boyd - NMS
    Chase – Too many troublemakers growing up
    Declan – Taken by a friend (perhaps too much in keeping with the Celtic trend for me)
    EverettLove, as mentioned
    Francis – Too feminine (OK, I guess Frances/Francis is too unisex for me, although I am OK with some unisex names)
    Garrison – Dad’s name is Gary, and he’s not namesake worthy by any stretch, like the style though (also reminds me of army barracks)
    Henry – Already taken by DH’s uncle (1 of 2 reasons why I’m not giving in to Henrik/Hendrik as a first name, even though it’s the only name DH is currently considering)
    Isaac – Like it, and it’s a family name way back on my side, but DH doesn’t like it (then again, what does he like, other than Henrik!)
    James – Too plain
    LucasDon’t like Luke
    Micah - NMS
    NathanielADORE – taken in our small community as mentioned (Love your Everett Nathaniel Schuurman suggestion though, almost enough to scrap the family middle name)
    Oliver – Too trendy (goes with all the Olivia’s in my mind), although I do like it, mentioned it to DH once and got “too feminine”
    Peter – DH’s uncle (& NMS)
    Rupert – Interesting suggestion, I haven’t come across this idea, I’ll have to give it some consideration
    Stephen – Ex BF, known too many weird Steves
    Thomas – Like it, good way to honour Tom, my FIL (Taeke or some variation by birth), as long as baby doesn’t get called Tom, I don’t want two Tom’s in the same family at the same time
    Wyatt – Like it, but unsure

    “I know that Everett has the same beginning sound” – It wouldn’t bother me, and I definitely agree that the baby’s name is more important than the puppy, I just don’t want people thinking we named the kid after the dog, KWIM? I once had Edie on my girls list for a brief time, and my sister pointed out how ridiculous it would be to have an Evey and an Edie. I had not even considered the dog’s name until this time, and since she is not an outdoor farm dog, but an indoor family member, I figured it might make sense to have someone let me know if I strayed too close!

    “Could you potentially use your Gran's middle or last names” – Yes, Rosalia and Anderson are both also in honour of Gran (or Joa for that matter, but good luck working that in). Unfortunately, I think Rosalia will only fit with a very few names, we’ll see how that goes when we get there.

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    @ cew1114

    Re: Sarah - I have a feeling many people feel that way about Sarah (too plain). I wonder why everyone else keeps using it then! I think this one is relegated to middle spot, because I don’t want to bestow a name upon my child that is both common and “boring”.

    Re: Nadia – that’s funny about Indians, b/c I have only heard this on Europeans, may be because where I grew up there weren’t many Indians

    Re: GarrettDo you think people would honestly call a kid Gary in this day & age? I know that we can’t entirely prevent nicknames, so this may have to leave my list completely, since I cannot have anyone thinking this child was in any way named after my father. The Garrett I knew was never anything but Garrett, but I suppose Gary would be logical, just so outdated!

    Still working on the rest... thanks everyone!

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Did you still want some suggestions for "Andie" as a nn for girls?

    In case:
    Andriana (but looking at it hurts my head)

    BUT...Addie sounds pretty close to Andie and there are quite a few names that can use the nn Addie

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    @ Jill
    Adeline – I was thinking a pron. of Add-eh-line, not Add-eh-lyn, does that still sound too matchy? (I don’t know if I love it anyway). I quite like Adelia (it is on my long list), but Adelaide is too much of a place name for me.

    Norah: “I love Nora! :-)” – Me too (both spellings)

    Rebecca: “A lot of the other names feel fresher to me, but I think it's beautiful. (Now that I think about it, it sounds really "K" heavy with your last name...)”

    Scarlett (again, too pop?): “I think it's beautiful! It's #210 in the U.S., but I'm not sure about its popularity where you are. Oops! Scarlett Schuurman doesn't have the best sound to me...” – Agreed, it doesn’t sound great together, oh well

    Sonja: “I think it's pretty, but I love some of the others more...” – That seems to be a consensus

    (repeats deleted)
    Cora – “(although with an S last name, Cora S sounds like "chorus" :-)” – Agreed, also, bad associations with the name
    Flora – Too old or hippy for my taste
    LauraLove the Laura family of names, but Laura is a cousin we spend a lot of time with
    Susannah - NMS
    Annabel/Annabelle – Not feeling the “belle” names
    Celia – Like it, maybe as a nickname, although Cecilia has always felt too much like Sicily, not sure where else Celia could come from
    Daphne – Like it, but… (don’t know what the but is)
    Eleanor – Despite the cute NN, don’t know if I like it
    Helena – DH has an aunt Helen
    Iris – Has potential
    Juliet/ Juliette – Too “Romeo &”
    Louisa (oops...not with an S last name) – Agreed, just doesn’t fit
    Lydia – Like it, not sure if it’s on my list at the moment, but I will put it back if it disappeared
    Margot – I like the name, like the sound, like that it would honour Gretja, Pearl and Megan as a form of Margaret, but I have always hated the way it looks like “maggot”
    Miranda – DH’s cousin (yes, he has a seriously large family, and I don’t like repeating names of living people)
    Violet – Taken by a friend
    Amelie – Very beautiful name, but would forever be confused with the uber pop. Emily
    Coralie – Ooh, like it a lot, but the previously mentioned Cora we have problems with is a Cora-Lee, so this isn’t gonna happen
    ElodieLove it, do you think people would hear “Melodie” though, b/c I DON’T like Melodie (also not sure how it sounds with the last name)
    Mirabelle – Another “belle” name, which I am not fond of in general
    Audrey (popular) – Love it, but yes, too popular
    Adriana – Have loved this one on & off, I have (moderately) bad associations with Adrian, which seems to impact my views of Adriana
    Aurelia – Slightly too far out there for me? Not sure though, I like it.
    BryonyDon’t like it
    RubyLove, but it is a real up & comer from what I can tell
    Sabrina – Teenage witch, and a weird looking girl I went to school with
    Dahlia – Like it, wonder if I could convince others…
    Natalia – Bad associations with Nathalie, also, too Christmassy for my spring babe
    Arabella – Too many Bellas
    Cordelia – Ex BF is Cordell
    Carolina – Not bad, but I prefer Caroline
    Evelina – Now that’s one that’s too close to the puppy :) (Evey/Evelyn)
    Emilia – Ooh, this caught my eye
    Juliana – Meh
    Liliana – I like this one, but I don’t know if it stands out with all the Lily’s, Lilian’s and Vivian’s
    Lilia – Sounds plain by comparison to Liliana or Lydia (perhaps it’s the 2 syllables)
    Mariana – Too much like Mary-Anne, which I find boring
    Raphaela - NMS
    Simona - NMS
    Talia – Like, but taken in DH’s family
    Viviana – I’ve heard a few Vivian’s in our area lately
    Annora – looks like part of a medical problem, can’t think of which one
    Eleanora – Same thoughts as Eleanor, cute NN, but not sure if I like it
    Honora – NMS
    Tabitha (nn Tibbie) – Hard for me to picture on a real person
    Susannah - NMS

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