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    Re: Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    I like the previous poster's suggestion of Lily, and I admit that's actually the first name I thought of for you.

    BUT, while you say you want something common, you also say you want something unique. I take that to mean that you want something familiar (that everyone recognizes) but not really popular/over-used. I think unfortunately Lily might then be too popular for you (though, admittedly, it is probably more popular among babies being born now than girls your age).

    I think the French theme actually goes well with your wishes for familiar, but not popular because French names don't seem, by and large, to be overly popular here. I think you need something that is not too distinctly French; otherwise you run into the pronunciation issue again. But, something with a subtle French flair seems like it might be right for you.

    And, it sounds like you need something that could lend itself to the dramatic!

    Some suggestions you might like:

    Blanche* (I think this is actually my favorite for you)
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    Re: Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    I don't know anything about Turkish names, but just my opinion, I would find an easier Turkish name for the English speaking countries. If that is possible, it would be exotic and suitable, but not too difficult to say or spell. I personally think this is your opportunity to introduce a Turkish name to the mix - we overall have no familiarity of them unless we have a neighbor or co-worker who is Turkish.

    I don't know if you can be helped by those pages - you probably know more names than they have compiled. Some of the names seem quite as difficult as your own name, but it is just a thought. I think a pretty name from a country where we don't often hear of names, or even an unusual name for English speaking countries, would be striking and catch people's attention - a positive for an actor. I think that you are looking for this quality also, but are finding it difficult to imagine a Turkish name from fitting in.

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    Re: Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    You really don't need to change your name for the sake of the entertainment industry, you know. Having an unusual name makes you more memorable, especially in an audition scenario - they'll have to spend a bit of time getting your name right and that will make it stick in their memory more.

    I say keep your name.
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    Re: Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    I agree that you should keep your name. I think it's really cool! Plus, I work with a lot of people from other countries, and it always sounds really bizarre when someone is from another country but uses a totally U.S./English name. I have a lot of Chinese clients who do this and it just sounds very odd. I would think in the business you are going into (especially the modeling!) your name would be an asset.

    Your last name actually seems more difficult to me than your first name, to be perfectly honest.

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    Re: Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    I can understand your worries about pronounciation (and your last name is very confusing to an english speaking person) but I actually think a more exotic name can be helpful especially in modelling. It will make you stand out.

    I think Ece is quite a nice name actually. Maybe you could change the spelling of your name to something more phonetic so it's easier to uderstand or pick a similar Turkish name that might be easier to pronounce.

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