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    What if you had another sibling?

    I decided to change up the usual subject on this board and make this post about you.
    Let's just use our imaginations here, and pretend that you have another sibling (or just a sibling if you have none). What do you think your parents would have named another child if they had had one? Or what do you think would work the best with your name and your siblings' names?
    First list your name, your siblings' names, and then a name for a boy and a girl that you think would work well as a sibset for your family. Just trying to mix things up :)

    I'll start.
    Me - Rachel Marie
    Brother - Jacob Michael "Jake"
    Imaginary sister - Anna Madeline
    Imaginary brother - Ethan Mitchell

    Your turn :)

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    me: Dominika "Mikal" Marta
    imaginary brother: Adam Jonatan
    imaginary sister: Maya Penelopa

    the sister set more likely to come to my parents' minds ;)

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    I don't typically name out my siblings, but as said in another thread, my mother wanted a Michael, and never got one, so for another boy, Michael. Alternately, my mother also like Keith and Douglas. I think they are good examples of a suitable name for one of my siblings.

    I have no idea what for another girl. It is kind of hard to pin down my mom's taste for a girl, she seems to hate almost everything. I think Melanie might go, maybe Megan or Shannon. Emily was already #33 in 1978 (estimated year of birth), but I don't think it goes in a sibset as it's a revival, and my mother seemed to like fashionable and modern. Many of the top 100 that aren't absolute rejects as a sibset, or just plain not my mother's taste, sound disgusting next to my last name, and I know my mother to be very concerned with that. Names that start with K (my mother had already broken the pattern at that point) or sound too much like Karen (Erin, Tara) were also popular.

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    brother - Timothy Warren
    sister - Kathleen Elizabeth
    me - Deborah Sue
    Names my parents would have come up with:
    imaginary brother - David Allan
    imaginary sister - Valerie Grace

    What I would name my imaginary brother and sister:
    William James and Julia Grace

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    Me: Meryl Anne
    bro: Morgan Alexander
    sis: Michelle Anastasia
    sis: Melody Angela

    Imaginary bro: Malachi Anthonio
    Imaginary sister: Mabel Azul
    My father named all of us and he obviously had a theme going. I know for a fact if I had a brother hi name would be Malachi Antonio as thats what Melody's names was going to be had she been a boy. When I was pregnant with my daughter my dad really pushed the name Mabel and Azul I chose as my father is Mexican and I think it would have been a cute name.

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