View Poll Results: Did you or your children switch from nickname to formal name into adulthood?

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    Great topic!

    I know of a:

    Kitty who now goes by Katherine
    Betsy who switched to Elizabeth
    Allie who now prefers Alice

    I also know a:

    Victoria who has always been Victoria
    Elizabeth who has always been Elizabeth
    Two Katherines who have always been Katherine

    Have a good night! :-)

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    If there had been some sort of in between option, I would have chosen it. That is because I am Katharine and I use my formal name, but am still sort of stuck with my nn, Katie. My story is that my dad did not want anyone to call me Kathy, so my parents chose to introduce me as Katie and had everyone call me Katie, firends, family and school. Of course, by the time I was 12, I decided I actually disliked Katie. It just did not feel like it suited me. But, when you are 12, it's pretty hard to essentially change your name. I would try every once and a while to get someone to call me by a different name, but it did not work. It was only when I went out of state for college and "reinvented" myself that the fated change occurred. Ever since then I have used Katharine in all academic and professional settings, and thus with anyone I have met since college. However, my family and pre-college friends (and anyone associated with them) refuse to use it. The sad thing is that they all admit that Katharine suits me better, but after years of exclusively calling me Katie, they can't make the change. So, I have two names with two different groups, one foot in and one foot out!

    Of course, fast forward to the new generation and the opposite has occurred. My daughter is Lilianna. We call her Lily, Lilypad, Lil or Lilwen (Welsh for White Lily), depending on our particular mood :) We don't typically call her Lilianna, although we do introduce her with that name so that she can use it someday if she wants. Despite our use of nn, my family only calls her Lilianna! When asked why, they have said "Why shorten such a pretty name!" LOL, well you did it to me!

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    My sister is Katherine but has always been Kate, She even put Kate on her flights and had to pay to have it changed.

    I wouldn't use a formal name if I didn't like the nicknames.

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    my name is jacey, i never really had a nickname

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I've gone by a nickname my whole life, but I wouldn't say that means that my full name is meaningless or "invisible." I don't use my full name in everyday life, but it's on all my documents for anything slightly formal, and I've always felt like it's part of my identity. You can't always control what nicknames your kids will have, but that doesn't mean that their full names are irrelevant.
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