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    I'm a little late finding this thread, but I love seeing all these teen name berries! I'm 19, so I guess I won't be one for much longer. Anyway, I've always been SO obsessed with names, like all of you, and it's just the coolest thing knowing I'm not the only one!! Always have been, always will be, no matter how strange all my friends and family think I am

    Don't you all just hate when you're talking to friends about what you're going to name your kids (and of course you have the perfect sibset picked out) and you get the "your kids are going to hate you"?! Just for choosing beautifully substantial and non-trendy names? And don't you all just cringe when your friends' sibsets consist of horribly trendy ones that don't even sound like a sibset?! Oh, the agony.

    Today, my perfect sibset consists of Lotte Matilda, Flora Julienne, Vivian Pearl, Leo Emerson, Stellan James, and Graham Oliver.

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