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    Re: Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    I think I posted already but watev I'll just post since I cant find my other one. hehe. I'm 15 and LOVE LOVE LOVE names. Thats really all I do is look at name books and name websites. My favorite name combos are:
    Pryce Marcel(My favorite name love it soo much)
    Atticus Ryan
    Cassius River/Jeih/Nyle/James
    Cairo Dexter/August/Lennox
    Lysander Ryton
    Tiberius Kyle
    Keelan Ender

    Alyona Thisbe
    Laelia Halo
    Aubrielle Gracelyn/Laney
    Keilani Brielle
    Emberlia Paige
    Eleri Rose
    ~Dayton.22.Auntie to Cruz Marcel & Aylah Hope Catherine~
    {Pandora Mary Dove} {Soul Wilhelmina Dear} {Saskia Edith Muse} {Zelda Mariam Opal} {Hadassah Yvette Wildrose}
    {Eden Demetrius} {Sailor Ignatius} {Poet Ambrose} {Indie Jericho} {Crow Aubrey}

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