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    Obsessive Teen Name Loving(:

    Hey, guys! This week I read a post from another teenager (I'm thirteen, almost fourteen, by the way) and it got me to wondering..exactly how many teens ARE there on this website?
    Comment if you fit one of the following:
    A) You are a teen on this website
    B) You know a teenager with said obsession
    C) You WERE one of these teenagers

    Add (if you are currently between the ages of thirteen and eighteen--or, heck, anyone younger, too) your favorite current combos & names, or (if you are no longer a teen) the names you liked at that age--plus which you STILL like.
    My top combos (always changing, of course): Cecily Beatrice & Theodore Edwin.
    :D, NameGoddess

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    Aug 2011
    I'm not a teen anymore (just) but i deffinatly was (and still am) obsessed with names!! I wish I had found this site back then! I didn't think anyone else loved names like I did and felt like a bit of a freak. I kept my favourtie names to myself and loved to daydream about how many children I would have and what I would name them - but only girls, I had no interest in boys name (or having a son!) :P Also, I'm not sure if anyone else did this, but when I was younger I used to plan out different combinations of families for myself and my sisters. I loved naming them and deciding how old they would all be!!
    Now I love all names and love talking about them every chance I get!
    I can't wait to get to know fellow name lovers and discuss names!!!

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    California, USA
    Hi everyone! I'm Taylor, 15 and obsessed with (mostly girl) names! I just started here as well and figured "what better way to start on Nameberry then to join a thread filled with teens?" Anyway, I've been interested in names ever since my mom was pregnant with my little sister waaay back when I was in third grade. I probably had my entire class memorized at that point because my mom would make me name off every kid in my class to hear the kinds of names they had! My parents are clueless to my obsession at the moment, but I'm sure they will find out sooner or later lol.

    My best friend also loves names; she loves taking inspiration from me! We could text each other about names for hours on

    Indiana (This one has endured about 2 years in the #1 spot, which is the longest any name has stayed up there for )
    Katsa (Guilty Pleasure)
    Echo (Guilty Pleasure)


    I can't wait to meet y'all and hopefully become great friends
    (updated 9/1/17)

    ~ Catherina Violet ~ Ivy Seraphina ~

    ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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    I'm 12, 13 in February, and a great lover of names! For girls, I've always loved the name Myla, and for boys, Devlin! Whenever I have a favorite name(s), I get attached to it for so long that whenever I find a new potential favorite, I hate letting go of the old one. I do that with everything, though. Anyway, I always go on this site because I LOOOOVE reading the opinions on names, especially the critical ones.

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    I'll jump on board here. I'm 18. And with A LOT of my former classmates having babies all of a sudden, I'm getting curious about names.
    So far, I like:
    Sarai Hope.- In the Bible, it was the original name of Sarah, Abraham's wife. It means 'My Princess.' Not only is it Biblical and obscure;but it sounds exotic. I will fight to the death for this one.

    Evangeline Pearl- It just sounds really, really pretty.

    Dahlia, nn Dolly. How cute is that?

    As for boys....

    Miles Alexander. It just oozes cool.

    Archer. I'm a sucker for adventurous names.

    Mathias. It's unique and sounds strong.

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