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    Is this too close to our last name?

    We have our big anatomy ultrasound tomorrow (FINALLY!) but I haven't been able to resist coming up with name options in the meantime. The most viable name so far (if it's a girl) is Mia Grace, but I'm wondering if it's too close to our last name, which is pronounced like this: Mars-kuh. It's a really harsh German name, but do you think it goes okay with Mia? Mia Mars-kuh

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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    I personally think it is too close. What about Amelia Marskuh, nn Mia?

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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    Mia-mars-kuh sounds like one long exotic, intriguing word. I think it could work. If you had said Emma, that sounds hard to say, but I think that's a really good name to work with short names that end in -ah sound. Leah Marskuh, Sophia Marskuh, Thea, Isla, Fiona, etc. I just love the rhythm with these sort of names. I think the M sound at the beginning is far enough away (as compared to a name like Emma) that the name lilts. Contrary to above poster, I think Amelia Marskuh is a little more of a mouthful in the way that Natalia or Mariana, for example, would NOT be. If Mia is a nickname anyway, then her name would essentially be heard the same way as you wanted it in the first place on a regular basis.

    Mia -GRACE- Marskuh, the Grace-marsk is a little awkward to say, but not disastrous. I care less than most if the middle name "flows" if it has more meaning to you, you love it, and/or would really miss if you had to settle for something else. "Flow" is what gets people to overuse middle names like Ann and Marie, I think mostly you won't hear it too much but it's there and it doesn't sound disgusting. If Grace is important to you, keep it. If it's something sort of nice you're not really married to, I'd consider other names. No, I don't have suggestions. :)

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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    I agree that Mia Marskuh is not too close. It is a little sing songy, if you object to that, but I don't think it's too much.

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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    Hmmm...I agree that it is a little sing-songy. I'm not really sure I love it.

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