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    middle name for Julia

    I need help finding middle name ideas for Julia (see my post under "more name ideas"). Julia Charlotte seemed like the perfect combo, but my sister just had a baby girl and used Charlotte for the mn. I also like:

    Julia Margaret
    Julia Violet
    Julia Elizabeth
    Julia Clare
    Julia Clara

    Possibly we'd do Julia Natalie or Julia Noelle to honor a relative, though I don't love either of those names. I really want something "pretty" like Julia Charlotte or Julia Caroline (which I won't do bc my name is Caroline). A "C" name also honors a relative. I also love Julia Catherine and Julia Louise, but we wouldn't do those because of various relatives with those first names. We also need something that goes with our last name, which begins with a hard "G" (two syllables).

    I'm not 100% set on Julia as the first name, but it's the one we keep coming back to and feels the most natural. Though I'm despairing because it seems like all the prettiest Julia combos are out of the running for us for one reason or another. We like classic names such as: Jane, Victoria, Amelia, Georgina, Josephine, Alexandra. My husband likes Sophie and Isabel, but they're too popular for me.

    I still have a lot of time--due December 26th. Thanks in advance for your input!

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