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Thread: Mercedes

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    We are a dual nationality couple and are searching for a name that sounds well in English and Spanish. We are thinking about Mercedes, which is not that uncommon from the Spanish speaking country where I come from. However, I am concerned that, in the United States, it is too evocative of the car make.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Mercedes

    There are many girls named Mercedes and even some nicknamed "Sadie". The only down side is that a lot of English-speaking people find Mercedes to be on the trashy side. It doesn't have the beautiful association with the Virgin Mary here!

    Personally, my favorite names that sound good (and basically the same) in both languages are:

    Viviana, Anisa, Valeria, Nayeli, Araceli, Elena, and Belen.

    Another option would be to use either a Spanish or English name that has a good nickname in the other language (Ara and Araceli for example, or Sadie/Mercy/Mercedes)
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    Re: Mercedes

    Ooh, I never heard the nickname Sadie for Mercedes, that is SO cute! Mercy is cute, too. I'm not a big fan of the name Mercedes (my cousin just named her baby that, and she *is* rather trashy). I can see the appeal since you're from a Spanish speaking country. I don't think the association with the car is a big deal, I think most people know that it's a valid name. Also, I think it depends on where you live. If you live in like the midwest, I might think twice about using it. But if you live in a city, I wouldn't worry at all.
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    Re: Mercedes

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    Re: Mercedes

    Thank you. I did not know the name was trashy. I will keep that in mind, as well as your suggestions.

    Please keep posting comments.

    Thanks again.

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