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Thread: Pick of the Day

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Not my cup of tea at all! It also reminds me of the magazine.
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    Re: Pick of the Day

    And let's not forget the Van Morrison song: "ooh oh, Domino!" (Hope I'm not the only one who has it stuck in her head now...)

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    oh yeah, the magazine! I don't know the song, but it seems to me that Domino is quite the popular word! I suppose that's why it isn't a good name.
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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Fairuza today. I have to admit, this one is gorgeous. If it weren't for Fairuza Balk, I might have put it in the middle of Josie's name! (I did briefly consider Fairuza, Indigo, Lumiere & Green, as well for her).

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Fairuza- I adore Fairuza! One of my very favorites. As well as the link to actress Fairuza Balk, the name is similar to Firoozeh, which is the name of Funny in Farsi author Firoozeh Dumas. Anyways, great name!

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