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    Emerson Alyse...need other middle name suggestions!

    hi everyone! emerson alyse has been my girl's name for i'm second guessing it...with about 1 week until my due date! does anyone have a suggestions for me...i like multi-syllabic names and my last name is one syllable with starting with "sh". thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Emerson Alyse...need other middle name suggestions!

    Hi! Are you questioning both Emerson and Alyse, or just Alyse? The flow of Emerson Alyse is lovely, but it took a minute for me to figure out what name you were trying to get with "Alyse." If you meant Elise, Elise is a beautiful name, but Alyse looks like a typo. (And if you meant Alice, the typo thing still holds true.)

    I love the "Em" beginning of Emerson, but I only think of Ralph Waldo Emerson when I hear the name, and it's all boy to me. When looking for middle names, I kept slipping to Emmeline for the first name, which is a gorgeous, gorgeous name, and would be an elegant and feminine alternative to Emerson.

    If you're rethinking Emerson, here are some more feminine alternatives:


    If you're rethinking the middle name, here are some ideas:

    Emerson Alice
    Emerson Elise
    Emerson Annabelle
    Emerson Beatrix
    Emerson Briony
    Emerson Eva
    Emerson Evaline
    Emerson Evangeline
    Emerson Honor
    Emerson Poppy
    Emerson Ruby
    Emerson Elisabeth (similar to "Elise")
    Emerson Averil
    Emerson Aurora
    Emerson Laurel
    Emerson Astrid
    Emerson Avalon
    Emerson Mirabelle
    Emerson Lorelei
    Emerson Amelia
    Emerson Adeline
    Emerson Adelia
    Emerson Adelaide

    While the sound of Emerson combinations do flow, the masculinity of Emerson doesn't mix with the feminine middle names. This is just my opinion, of course, and you need to pick the name that works for you. :-)

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    Re: Emerson Alyse...need other middle name suggestions!

    I thought the same thing about Alyse. I'm not sure if you're pronouncing it as Elyse or Alice. In my opinion they're both gorgeous, but the spelling is ambiguous. I would stick with the authentic spelling or whichever is your favorite.
    As for Emerson, it's not really my taste, but it's a lovely name. Since it's unisex, I like that you're thinking of using a very feminine middle name, which balances it out. I prefer Emerson as a middle name. Alice Emerson or Elyse Emerson would be gorgeous. That being said, if you love Emerson go for it :)

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    Re: Emerson Alyse...need other middle name suggestions!

    I love Emerson for girl. I know a little girl with this name, and Emmy for nn. How about

    Emerson Grace
    Emerson Rose
    Emerson Skye
    Emerson Olivia
    Emerson Claire
    Emerson Amelia
    Emerson Amaya

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