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    We've chosen George if our baby is a boy, but we are still deciding on a girl...

    Eleanora Josephine nn Ellie/Lena/Nora/Josie
    Beatrice Jaide nn Bea
    Rubie Josephine
    Eloise Maxine nn Lulu
    Helena Josephine nn Lena

    I'm in LOVE with all of them, and I just can't decide on my favorite... what do you think?

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    Re: Eleanora/Beatrice/Rubie/Eloise/Helena

    That's great about choosing baby boy George's name! Congratulations!

    Eleanora Josephine nn Ellie/Lena/Nora/Josie- This is my favorite first name, as well as my favorite middle name. For me, it's a winner in every way: flow, elegance, nickname potential, etc.

    Beatrice Jaide nn Bea- While I do like Beatrice, I'm not a fan of Jaide. Jade would be better (I'm one who only likes authentic spelling of names).

    Rubie Josephine - I love this combination, but only like Ruby's original spelling.

    Eloise Maxine nn Lulu- I love Eloise, but not with Maxine. While Eloise sounds classic, fresh, and spunky, Maxine sounds dated, old, and tired. For me, the names are too different and don't "go" together. The contrast is just too great.

    Helena Josephine nn Lena-- My second choice pick.

    All of your first name choices are gorgeous, and you can't go wrong! The Josephine combination is my first choice, with the Helena combo coming in second. With a different combination, Eloise would have scored higher with me, but Maxine just drags the name down too much for me.

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    Re: Eleanora/Beatrice/Rubie/Eloise/Helena

    congrats on deciding on George, great choice!!!

    Eleanora Josephine nn Ellie/Lena/Nora/Josie- classic and totally beautiful! i think it's my favorite.
    Beatrice Jaide nn Bea- i love Beatrice, not so much the nn Bea. I'd like this a lot more if you spelled it Jade.
    Rubie Josephine- Same thing here, I only like it spelled Ruby.
    Eloise Maxine nn Lulu- at first i didn't like this combo at all, it's kind of growing on me though. it's really spunky.
    Helena Josephine nn Lena- i much prefer Eleanora Josephine.
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    Re: Eleanora/Beatrice/Rubie/Eloise/Helena

    I love all of those names, particularly Beatrice. I had a girl last March and named her Beatrice Elizabeth and people just rave about it. I like the fact that older people like Beatrice and it isn't trendy, just classic. Rubie is also another great one, maybe Rubie Louisa?

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