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Thread: Jet or Jett

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    Jet or Jett

    I really like this name for a boy and my husband is an aviation fanatic. Any suggestions on strong middle names?

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    Re: Jet or Jett

    I think I like the second spelling best (it feels more substantial somehow). How about:

    Jett Alaric
    Jett Alastair
    Jett Cormac
    Jett Spencer
    Jett Theodore
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    Re: Jet or Jett

    I'd go with Jett, because like the previous poster wrote, it seems more substantial. As for the middle name, I'm not sure of your style, but names that work with Jett are:

    Jett Alexander
    Jett Garrison
    Jett Harrison
    Jett Michael
    Jett Camden (I'm a classic names person, but Camden, NMS, does go with Jett)
    Jett Mason
    Jett Miller
    Jett Maxwell

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    Re: Jet or Jett

    With Jett, I think a longer middle name would be best, to balance out the short first name. Anything 3 or 4 syllables would sound great I think.

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    Re: Jet or Jett


    My son's middle name actually and I LOVE it!!

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    Re: Jet or Jett

    I think Jett is very cute, I always thought it'd make an adorable nn for Jethro, but it can definitely stand on its own. I think you would need a longer, more classic, middle name to balance it out.

    Jett Alexander
    Jett Benjamin
    Jett Christopher
    Jett Ellington
    Jett Frederick
    Jett Samuel
    Jett Sebastien
    Jett Solomon
    Jett Sampson
    Jett William
    Jett Wallace
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    Re: Jet or Jett

    I love Jett! I agree, Jett seems more substantial and more like a name, less like a word. A three or four syllable name would be great.

    Jett Alexander
    Jett Evander
    Jett Dominic
    Jett Nathaniel
    Jett Matthias
    Jett Leander
    Jett Theodore

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Jet or Jett

    I prefer Jett, it looks more like a name to me.
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    Re: Jet or Jett

    Jett is such a great name! I agree that MN should be longer but it doesn't necessarily have to be traditional.

    Jett Elijah
    Jett Rafferty
    Jett Graham
    Jett Ellison
    Jett Sebastian
    Jett Landon
    Jett Ashton
    Jett Phineas
    Jett August

    Good luck!

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