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    Question on naming twins...

    What about the names Lillian and Rose as sisters. If you were to use these 2 names what would you use as a middle name, I thought about Lillian Faith, but I am not sure of a good middle name for Rose, please help. Twins run in my family so I am always thinking up combos if we were to have twins someday.

    BB: Charles Nixon and Owen Martin
    GG: Rose and Lillian
    BG: Charles and Rose


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    Re: Question on naming twins...

    I like Rose. Twins run in my husband's family too but I am crossing my fingers that won't be us - how scary!! Some ideas . . . .Rose Josephine, Rose Bailey, Rose Paige, Rose Anya or Rose Rachel.

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    Re: Question on naming twins...

    Rose Anastasia-I thought of this combo a long time ago.
    Rose Amandine
    Rose Augusta
    Rose Annabel
    Rose Alessandra
    Rose Arabella
    Rose Amalia
    Rose Atlanta
    For some reason, I love Rose with a middle name that starts with "a".
    Rose Cordelia
    Rose Valentina (maybe a bit much! but so pretty.)
    Lillian Paige
    Lillian Louise
    Lillian Pearl
    Lillian Cordelia (my grandmother's name)
    Lillian Ardith (Nordic!)
    Lillian Belle (ooooh!)
    Lillian Celeste
    Lillian Elise

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