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    Re: The Alphabet Game

    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: The Alphabet Game

    Okay, I'll try my best.

    Girls -- (first and middle)
    Arden Alette
    Brontë (brawn-tee) Bianca
    Claret Caledonia
    Delilah "Della" Dublin
    Evanna (ee-VAN-uh for my choice, but can also be pronounced ee-VAHN-uh) Elyse
    Freya Francesca
    Gianna Giselle
    Henna Hermione
    Isabeau Isanna
    Josephina Jillian
    Katriel Kaylene
    Lumina Liesl
    Melodie Mireille (mee-RAY)
    Noemie (no-eh-MEE) Nekoda
    Olette Oliveira
    Phindley Palmer
    Quenn Quinlan
    Remy Reuelle
    Salome (sahl-oh-may) Shelia
    Taitum Tessa
    Umbria Udelle
    Violetta Viviet
    Willa Waverly
    Xena Xenophon (zen-uh-fawn)
    Yaella York
    Zoélie (zo-AY-lee) Zepphyr

    Boys --
    Archer Aidric (add-rick)
    Brennar Blaze
    Callum Crispin
    Dean Denver
    Evander Egan (eeg-in)
    Finley Fox
    Grady Grant
    Jesper (french variation of Jasper) Joel
    Kacio (kay-see-oh) Kale
    Lachlan Lakota
    Miles Macaulay
    Navy Nolan
    Owen Oliver
    Porter Pierce
    Quintin Quade
    Ronan Rycroft
    Shander Shane
    Tyson Trent
    Ultan Ulysses
    Vaughn Vander
    Walker Wyatt
    Xavian Ximon
    Yardley York
    Zethan Zale

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