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    Thoughts on Linnaea Greer?

    We're expecting our first baby-a little girl! We both love the name Linnaea Greer but are wondering if it's a little too much. We have a fairly basic last name so we feel like we can be a little more creative with the first and middle names. Thoughts??

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    I think Linnaea Greer is a lovely name! The only thing that's a bit much, imho, is the spelling. I think Linnea might be easier. But, overall, the name does not feel like 'too much'; it's a great choice -- unexpected, even unique, but not weird or over-the-top. I really like the sound of it!
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    I also the like name! However, I agree with PP. I love Linnea! and think it's unique enough of a name that it doesn't need a unique spelling to stand out. I also like Greer but if you aren't sold yet here are more combos:

    Linnea Briar
    Linnea Briar-Rose
    Linnea Aurora
    Linnea Isabeau
    Linnea Estelle
    Linnea Lavender
    Linnea Elspeth
    Linnea Annabeth
    Linnea Marigold
    Linnea Mercer
    Linnea Blakely
    Linnea Eloise
    Linnea Harper
    Linnea Jasmin
    Linnea Jessamine
    Linnea Seraphina
    Linnea Corrine
    Linnea Novalie
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    Linnea Greer would look tidier but Linnaea Greer soubds brilliant and unexpected
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    Linnaea Greer is so brilliantly unexpected. I like it a lot.

    I do enjoy this spelling of Linnaea and though I'm not a great fan of Greer, I think it works wonderfully to ground this as a combo, balancing things out really well.

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    It is lovely and I have to agree with the pp’s much preferring the Linnea spelling. Unique spellings only cause inconvenience for her when she has to always correct others, IMO.

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    I think Linnaea Greer is lovely. Not sure about the Linnaea spelling - is this a regular spelling of the name?

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    Linnea Greer is amazing!

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    I really like Linnaea, though do prefer the simplified spelling Linnea. It's a beautiful, Scandi-chic name. Greer isn't really my style but I think the combination flows well.

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    I agree that Linnea Greer looks better on paper, but as a combo I think it's fantastic. I love Linnea, it's great to see it getting some use!
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