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    Talking Sibling name help?

    Hi all- I’m currently pregnant with my 4th child and DH and I cannot agree on a name at ALL! We have 2 girls and a boy already- Lillian (Lillie) Diana, Jonas Lee, and Addison (Addie). I struggle with picking names because I’m absolutely set on having SOME kind of meaning behind the name- Lillian was the name my mom always said she wanted to name me; Jonas came from my favorite book, The Giver; and Addison was always the name I used for characters when I wrote stories in elementary and middle school. Lillie’s mn Diana is my grandmother’s name, Jonas’ mn Lee is my dad and grandfather’s middle name, and Addie’s mn Claire was my great grandmother’s name who had recently passed. For this baby, the middle name will either be Elizabeth (my middle) or Faith (hubby’s sisters name) if it’s a girl or James (a family name on both sides) or Tyler (hubby’s middle) if it’s a boy. Here are some names we’ve discussed but have vetoed:

    Charlotte (I love this name, but I feel like it doesn’t fit with Lillie and Addie. Also, I love the NN Charlie while DH prefers Lottie, and we’re from the south so I HATE how this sounds in our accent)
    Caroline (also like this, not as much as Charlotte, but the only good nickname I could find is Carlie, and hubby and I both have family with variations of this name so it would be repetitive)
    Lennon (LOVE this and so does hubby, but we don’t want a repetitive L initial beginning and also has no good nicknames for a girl)
    Avery (see above)

    For boys, we’ve discussed Wesley, Noah, and Holden.

    Please help!!

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    I think that if it is a boy the best name would be Avery Tyler, while if it is a girl I think that Lottie Elizabeth is the best one

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    Seth Tyler

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    I’m starting to love the suggestion of Elizabeth as a first nn Ellie...will have to bring it up to hubby! thanks everyone so far!! I’ve picked a few I like and we are discussing them today

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    I like that the girls have double letters in their fns, so here are some based on this:

    Emmeline - Emmy
    Jessamine - Jessa, Jessie
    Rosanna - Rosie
    Susannah - Susie
    Vanessa - Nessa

    For a boy-- some names that might work:


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