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    Middle names for Ginevra or Imogen

    Hello everyone,

    Thankyou for all the input on my previous post. We have now narrowed our girls name list to Ginevra or Imogen, we'll decide when we meet her. She will be known as Ginny. I'm looking for middle name ideas. Our surname is Brown. We're starting from scratch so completely open to all ideas!

    Thankyou, Diana

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    That's a nice thing that you have your daughter's nickname set no matter which name you choose

    Ginevra Odette
    Ginevra Eloise
    Ginevra Lilith

    Imogen Aster
    Imogen Thora
    Imogen Clover

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    Ginerva Hermione
    Ginerva Luna
    I had to. I'm a harry potter nerd. Ahh, this gives me such good vibes. Ginny as a nickname would be adorable.

    Sorry for any repeats
    Other suggestions:

    Ginerva Sylvie
    Ginerva Ivy
    Ginerva Laurel
    Ginerva Jessamine
    Ginerva Tamsin
    Ginerva Cecile
    Ginverva Lillian
    Ginerva Maeve

    Imogen Louise
    Imogen Lucille
    Imogen Cassia
    Imogen Alexandra
    Imogen Florence
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    Beautiful picks! Lovely, classic, but unexpected names. Lots of good nicknames too, Ginny, Vera, Eve, Io, Ione, Gen.

    Genevra Hazel
    Genevra Odette
    Genevra Belle
    Genevra Briar
    Genevra Dove
    Genevra Rosaline
    Genevra Poppy
    Genevra Fleur
    Genevra Ruby
    Genevra Penelope
    Genevra Winter
    Genevra Eden
    Genevra Esme
    Genevra Scarlett

    Imogen Ada
    Imogen Freya
    Imogen Vera
    Imogen Willa
    Imogen Cora
    Imogen Viola
    Imogen Jolie
    Imogen Violet
    Imogen Celia
    Imogen Nora

    Edit: *Ginevra autocorrect didn’t keep changing it and I got confused lol
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    Thankyou all!

    I really like Imogen Isobel and Ginevra Isobel. I quite like Imogen Violet too.

    Any other ideas?

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    Ginevra Isobel is gorgeous. I also like Ginevra Pearl, Ginevra Hazel, and Ginevra Margaret.

    Imogen sounds nice with lots of names:
    Imogen Claire
    Imogen Lucy
    Imogen Frances
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    Sybil Josephine * Edith Augusta * Catherine Ginevra * Molly Catriona *

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