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    Hi there.

    I am really liking the name Lexa at the moment as a stand alone name. One of my concerns are is I can't find much information on Lexa apart from where it's used a surname in some countries. My other concern is that Lexa sounds a lot like Alexa which I don't have a problem with as I like Alexa too but Alexa is the name of the Amazon Alexa which puts me off a bit.

    So my questions are...

    Should I let it bother me that there is not a lot of information on Lexa? There is plenty of information on Alexandra, Alexa and Alexis which Lexa I assume could be a nickname for any of those three names.

    Should I worry about the Amazon Alexa technology? I am worried that a child called Lexa might be teased.

    I also like Lexie, Lexi and Lexy but again I can't decide on the spelling so help there too would be great.

    Thanks all.

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    Lexa was the name of a main character in The 100, who was badass. So I view it as quite a strong feminine name, and think you shouldn't let it bother you about its lack of info. Lexa is very close to Alexa so if the Amazon Alexa association bothers you then I'd scrap the name, but I wouldn't let it bother me as it's hardly a negative association (the only teasing I can think of is someone just going "hey Lexa!" and that's it).

    My favourite spelling is Lexie out of Lexi and Lexy.


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    Lexa is a nickname for Alexandra and Alexis. I do prefer it as a nickname. I don't think the Amazon doll is a problem. Unfortunately, kids can be teased for many reasons and even if you name you daughter Hannah, Olivia or Mary, there's a chance she may get teased for something.
    Between Lexie, Lexy and Lexi, I prefer the spelling Lexie.
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    I'd assume Lexa comes from Alexandra but i think it can stand alone too - as for there not being much information on it, it wouldn't bother me so much as it would have the history of Alexandra behind it too
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