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    Down to six! What are your favorites??

    My husband and I finally narrowed our baby list down to six girl names. I’m super curious to see what others think, but don’t really want the opinions of friends and family just yet.

    We originally were set on Isla Esther (Esther was my grandmother’s name) but then we realized the projected popularity of Isla and decided to go with something else.

    Our first daughter is Everly Bohème, and Everly has become extremely popular where we live. My name is Ashley, and I don’t want my kids being one of five in their classroom.

    Anyway, here is the list!

    Ivy Esther
    India Esther
    (Still unsure for middle name on these last few)

    Thanks for any help!

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    Great choices!

    Since you’re worried about popularity, I would definitely take Ivy and Eden off the list since they’re both pretty popular. Ivy’s actually really close to Isla on the SSA list (Isla #82, Ivy #86).

    Margo and India are my personal favourites from your list with Everly.
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    Margo, India and Ivy are beautiful! Although as the previous poster said Ivy has become quite popular so if that concerns you I’d take it off your list.

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    As a Brittany I understand where you are coming from, but based on the states a little Isla will not share the same fate we did. She may know a couple of Isla's at school, and in a larger classroom she might at some share the name with someone, but it won't be anything like what happened to us.

    Everly and Isla are very nice together, and honestly none of your other options strike me quite the same.

    If you have completely ruled out Isla, then I would go with Margo. It's the next best thing imo. Sounds great with your middle choice, will be familiar without being everywhere, and works well with Everly.

    The only name I would outright strike from your list is India.
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    How about Esther in the first name spot? I met a little Esther and thought it was so lovely on her.

    If looking for something a little different but recognizable and not weird, I love Noemi maybe in place of Naomi as it is more unique but so sweet.

    You have a lovely list and Ivy, Margo, and Eden are my favourites.

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    India, Naomi and Veda are the least likely to become popular. Naomi is my favourite of those 3!
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    My favourite would be Eden, followed by Naomi
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    Isla Esther really is my favourite in terms of style and pairing with her elder sister Everly. I can see why it was your favourite! I also agree with the previous poster Ivy and Eden have seen a big increase in popularity and would probably be in the same basket as Isla. I also feel that Margo might be up and coming or perhaps I'm imagining that since it's extremely popular on this website. Margot Robbie has definitely put this name on the map. Taking all this into consideration, Naomi would be my next favourite.

    By the way I think Esther could work as a middle for all of the names on your list especially as it honours your grandmother. It's lovely and has a great meaning.

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    Anyway, here is the list!

    Ivy Esther & Everly are really similar I think I wouldn't go with this because of that.
    India Esther , something about India with your child's name I feel sort of off about, but also in not a huge fan of location names...
    Naomi & Everly I love and would recommend sticking with Esther for the middle, this is classic and under used, and isn't 'trendy' so you don't have to worry
    Margo works with Esther, feels different but doesn't clash with Everly.
    Eden & Everly are cute, I like the E theme, but you'll want to decide if you like it
    Veda is too close I think may be, the v names it feel short with your child's name.

    I vote Na0mi Esth3r I think it's just lovely
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    Also you could spell Isla, Aila, I love this name, someone I know used it which I completely thought would never happen. So a name I thought was very rare is popping up now but I don't think Isla /Aila will be too trendy. I do think it will get some use though.
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