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    Baby in a multilingual household

    Hello everyone,

    My husband and I are expecting our first child (we don't know the gender yet) and are looking for names. He only speaks English while my mother tongue is French. We live in a French-speaking country and the child will be attending a French-speaking school later on. So the main challenge is to find a name that can be pronounced by both of us (and other people, as the child will interact with both French-speaking people and American people). I'm aware that our kid's name will be pronounced slightly differently considering the accent and all that, but we would still like to avoid ending up with completely different pronunciations I guess.

    Please share your opinions and your own suggestions!
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    Dahlia, Cornelia and Tallulah are lovely. I'll suggest Delia, Eliora and Elodie

    Elias, Rory and Nathaniel are great!
    I'll suggest Isaac, Rowan and Felix
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    Gaia is my favourite for you for the girls; but I love Cornelia, Victoire and Talulah too! For the boys, I like them all apart from Lowen and Yonas (I'd prefer Jonah), though I think for you, Jacob is my favourite.
    I'd also like to suggest Lucia, Delphine, Elodie, Amelie, Azelie, Aveline/Adeline, Xavier, Raphael, Felix, Leopold, Arthur and Solomon.
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