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    46 86.79%
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    7 13.21%
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    VOTE: Ada or Indie

    Hi everyone we are due a baby girl in October. We’ve narrowed it down to these 2 names. I know they are completely different style but we love them both. Which would you pick and why? Thanks 😊

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    Oh this is so tough!!
    Ada is sweet, fresh, lively, vintage and charming
    Indie is cute, vibrant, bouncy and confident!

    I voted Ada in the end, but it was really close
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    Both are very nice, but Indie is my favorite. I just love the vibe and sound of it.
    It’s also less popular.

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    Hi there.

    I personally like Ada more. It's simple, classic, & grows up well. It's not terribly common, although is moving up the charts a bit.

    If the other name had been Indigo nn Indie it would have gotten my vote. Indigo sounds more complete, but it still has the same unique, artsy, spunky feel as Indie.

    Hope this helps.
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    I really like Ada. I don’t like Indie much.
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    I think both names are excellent, and that either way you'll be picking a fantastic name. In the end, I voted for Ada, because it feels more complete and I think it'll age a bit better.
    Congrats, and good luck with settling on a name!
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    I had to close my eyes and vote! They are both so sweet I couldn't choose!

    I voted Ada, but I love Indie! As you have said they are both very different, but there is a part of me that feels as though Indie should perhaps be a nickname for a longer name. Saying that, I think I prefer Indie now....
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    I love Indie but as a nickname for India, Indigo or Indiana. I decided to vote for Ada which is an elegant and timeless choice.
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    Ada all the way - such a beautiful and strong name. Indie is cute, but falls quite flat to me.
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    Indie as a nickname for Ingrid or Indigo would be an easy winner for me, but on it's own I prefer Ada.

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