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    Thoughts on these names please?

    Early days yet, but now I actually have a use for my name lists I have made over the past decade lol. Thoughts on the below names please!

    Siena Rose
    Ayla (eye-la) Rose
    Willow Rose
    Saskia Rose
    Emilia Rose (nn Mila)

    Reuben Lee
    Dylan Lee
    Jude Lee
    Rowan Lee
    Elijah Lee (nn Eli)

    Surname begins with L, one syllable and is a noun, but I don't mind having multiple noun names together.

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    From your list, my favourites are Ayla Rose and Rowan Lee. I also think Saskia Rose and Dylan Lee are lovely.
    I dont like the flow of Willow Rose, Jude Lee and Elijah Lee 'Eli', but then it depends on how often you will use the middle names.

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    I love ....
    Sienna Rose
    Emilia Rose (my fav)
    Dylan Lee
    Elijah Lee (my fav)

    I like .....
    Jude Lee
    Rowan Lee

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    Looove Ayla Rose and Dylan Lee!

    Your girls list is insanely beautiful, but I really like how down-to-earth your boys list is. You have a lot of names that aren't super common yet also not unheard of, which makes everyone on your list extremely wearable.
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    Siena - i love the warmth and brightness of Sienna

    Ayla Rose - Ayla is so pretty!

    Willow Rose -Willow is charming and whimsical

    Saskia Rose -Saskia has so much kick and vibrance!

    Emilia Rose -Emilia is light and sweet and i adore Mila

    Reuben Lee -Reuben is so soft and lovely

    Dylan - love the meaning and the sounds

    Jude Lee - Jude is a fave - soft yet rugged

    Rowan Lee - Rowan is warm and friendly

    Elijah Lee - i like the ring of this and the sounds of Elijah
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    Thank you all so far.

    Middle names are family names so flow isn't a big deal!


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    Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!

    My favorites would probably be Ayla Rose and Emilia Rose for girls and Reuben Lee and Rowan Lee for boys. I favor those mainly due to both sound and appearance. Truthfully, I find most of the names on your lists to be stunning.

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    My favorites for a girl are Saskia Rose (!) and Emilia Rose. For a boy, Reuben Lee (!!!) and Rowan Lee.
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    Siena Rose - I like it but I don't love it. They flow nicely, I just don't love Siena. I prefer the Sienna spelling in general, but I'm not a big fan.

    Ayla (eye-la) Rose - Love the sound, not convinced by the spelling. I feel like she'd have issues with being 'ae-lah' so often. Isla Rose is quite plain though. Are you open to other spellings?

    Willow Rose - lovely, a bit floral for me, and a whole lot of nouns in one name! But if that doesn't both you, I like it.

    Saskia Rose - stunning! I love Saskia, it's so spunky and strong but still feminine

    Emilia Rose (nn Mila) - I don't mind it, but I find Emilia has lost some of its sparkle for being so popular. I've also never liked the name Mila (it's the 'mee' sound, just doesn't do it for me). But the name itself is totally fine, just not my cup of tea.

    Reuben Lee - very handsome, quite offbeat but still stylish. I also like the range of nn potential.

    Dylan Lee - I like it, I think with an L surname it might be too much L sound? Dylan is nice, but I prefer others on your list.

    Jude Lee - I like Jude, it's handsome and to-the-point. I'm not sure about Jude Lee, it just sounds a bit like Judy or Joodly (not a real word, but an odd thing to sound like). Not a deal breaker if you love it though.

    Rowan Lee - I think this is super handsome, and the names flow well together. Again, a tad noun-y, but if you don't mind, I don't mind!

    Elijah Lee (nn Eli) - similar to Dylan I think the sheer amount of L sound in this name puts me off a bit. Especially with an L surname. Which is a shame because Elijah is so handsome.

    Saskia Rose and Rowan Lee.
    Close second:
    Willow Rose and Reuben Lee.
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    Siena Rose - Sienna is #1 on my own list, so of course I like this! I'm not a huge fan of Rose in the middle spot though as although it's very pretty, it is much too overused as a middle name.

    Ayla Rose - I would be inclined to say ay-la, but I like how it looks.

    Willow Rose - I adore Willow, so sweet!

    Saskia Rose - Saskia is a current crush of mine, she's so sassy! I do feel as though Rose is too soft with Saskia though. Saskia needs a more punchy middle name imo.

    Emilia Rose - pretty and simple, you can't go wrong. Although Mila is nice it's nowhere near as nice as Emilia. I think it'd be a shame to hide Emilia away.

    Reuben Lee - I'm not sure why I've never been such a fan of Reuben

    Dylan Lee - Dylan is always a handsome choice! I do kind of feel as though Lee doesn't flow very well, but it's not awful.

    Jude Lee - I like Jude, it's trendy and handsome.

    Rowan Lee - I've only ever known girls called Rowan (with the exception of a boy Rohan) but I do think it could work. I think I prefer it on girls though.

    Elijah Lee (nn Eli) - This is my favourite. I have a nephew called Eli and I've often thought Elijah would've been a nice longer name for him.
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