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    Thoughts on My Boys List

    What is your favorite name from my boys list? I feel like I don’t pay as much attention to boys names because I so strongly feel this baby is a girl, but I could always be wrong and I like to be prepared :P


    I did not include all of the boy names in my signature because while I do really like them, I can just picture using one of these three the most as of right now if baby is a boy.
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    Rachel Elise

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    Owen Thatcher & Jude Bellamy

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    Dylan! Love the meaning and the feel
    Owen is great too
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    My favourite would have to be Oliver. It has such a classic feel to it and reminds me of Oliver Twist.
    Owen and Dylan are lovely Welsh names too.

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    Dylan is my favorite, I'd personally go with Dylan Oliver and as a first and middle together.
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Owen-Well, I really like this. I used to know a bratty little child called this which really hurt the name for me. Then recently I read a book w/a character named Owen who was delightful. Now I love the name! Sooo, strong personal associations. That being said, it's a strong, old fashioned yet fresh at the same time, masculine yet gentle easy to say and spell name. You can't go wrong.

    Oliver-This is nice. It's a little more posh than Owen, but in a cute way. Sounds like a smart slightly geeky fun guy whereas Owen is a little more rugged. Oliver is getting super popular though, if that bothers you.

    Dylan-I like this a lot. It sort of gets lumped in with trendy boys names from the 90s like Blake, Austin & Evan etc. But I feel like Dylan has more history. Maybe it's the classic poet feel because of Dylan Thomas or Bob Dylan. It's just sort of artsy, but also a little surfer dude feel. In a good way!

    I'm not help since I like these all. Dylan may be my favorite by a hair.

    Hope this helps.
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    Owen - Short and sweet! I would picture a little Owen to be kind, generous, and friendly. Easy to spell and pronounce. I think this is my favorite of your list.

    Oliver - Another sweet name. I think an Oliver would be curious and witty. The only thing that turns me off this name is it's popularity - it's now #5 in the US which is just too common for my personal taste. It's not a deal breaker, but something for you to consider.

    Dylan - I don't love this name. I've grown up with a lot of Dylan/Dillions around me so it is starting to sound dated to me. It's a nice enough name, but at least where I grew up it's more of a name associated with 20 somethings rather than babies.

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    Thanks everyone! Every time I think I pick a favorite of the three, I think “oh but X and Y are so nice too.” As of this particular moment, I think I’m truly torn between Owen and Oliver, much as I adore Dylan (this is very subject to change, though).

    I forgot to add: I’m not too bothered by popularity. I grew up with a super popular name (Rachel) and didn’t mind it.
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    Rachel Elise

    fur loves are Snickers, Mirabel, Sybil, & Rita

    Maggie Olivia is coming sometime around 02/26/2020

    Some other favorites
    Tessa Penelope & Rosie Eleanor
    Owen Thatcher & Jude Bellamy

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    I like Owen and Dylan ahead of Oliver--probably because they seem a bit more rough and tumble and Oliver a bit more stately--but I think all three are nice names!

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    I adore Oliver followed closely by Owen and then Dylan. They are all solid names.

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    Dylan feels a bit dated to me (I grew up with lots of Dylans!) so I would drop that. Oliver is a lovely, lilting name, and I like the Oliver Twist connection a lot. That said, it is sooo popular that it is starting to lose a bit of its charm for me. Still a contender, though?

    I love Owen. Used to be one of my favorite names when I was much younger. I think Owen is warm and friendly and could suit someone bookish or outdoorsy or sporty equally well.

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