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    Thoughts on My Girls List

    Without taking into account popularity, which name is your favorite from my girls list?

    Rachel Elise

    fur loves are Snickers, Mirabel, Sybil, & Rita

    Maggie Olivia is coming sometime around 02/26/2020

    Some other favorites
    Tessa Penelope & Rosie Eleanor
    Owen Thatcher & Jude Bellamy

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    Jun 2017
    I really like the spunk and sweetness of Millie!
    Ellen Virginia * Nancy Eleanor * May Genevieve * Celia Madeleine * Audrey Claire * Bess Emilia
    Nathaniel Francis * Leo Edmund * Benedict Henry * Virgil Blaise * Joseph Malachi * Timothy Jerome

    Also Liking: OONA MUIRGHEAL * Siobhan Brigid * Cassandra Niamh * Miranda Kate *
    Sybil Josephine * Edith Augusta * Catherine Ginevra * Molly Catriona *

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    Nov 2016
    I'm really torn between Tessa and Madeline but i think I'll go with Madeline
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Scout Elodie
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Thinking about...
    Tyra Mabel|Skye Miriam|Lois Winter|Anya Ottillie
    Quinn Barnaby|Silas Peregrine|Teddy Linus|Klaus Raphael

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    Apr 2017
    Maggie and Rosie are tied firsts
    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Ginny Florence
    Fay Marigold
    Cleo Seraphina

    Dustin James
    Grady Stefan
    Chester Maxwell

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    Jun 2018
    Northern Europe
    Maggie is my favorite. I prefer it as a nickname for Margaret, or another full name, but it also works on its own.
    Mother to Hjörtur Emmanuel & Barnabas Húni

    Maximilian Óli * Matthias Hreinn * Vignir Ulysses * Nikolai Svani * Zalman Torfi
    Ondine Lilach * Lucinde Meital * Mareva Bluma * Lavinia Perle * Magdalene Dune

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    Oct 2012
    Millie and Rosie are my favourites
    Girls Names
    Liliana Juliet Sylvia Marcella Rosalie Evadne

    Girls Middles/Honours
    Juliet Margot Vera Celia Rosalie Eleanor

    Boys Names
    Griffin Elliot 'Otto' Caspian Jonas Elias Chester

    Boys Middles/Honours
    Daniel Charles Bennett Piers Thomas

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    Apr 2010
    Of these, Tessa would be my favourite. I do like Madeline, but I'm not keen on Maddie, so it slipped a little for Tessa due to that.

    Gaia . Atlas . Freyja . Emrys . Aviva . August . Juno . Freyr . Ariadne . Octavian . Sarai . Dawson . Nimue
    Ambrose . Sunniva . Aurelian . Artemisia . Hawthorne . Idony . Jesper . Leocadia . Peregrine . Amity . Wren
    Juniper . Ari . Adelaide . Tadhg . Ianthe . Jessamy . Galateia . Blythe . Noa . Malachy . Athena . Atticus

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    Feb 2019
    Hi there.

    This is tricky. I love Madeline (said Mad-uh-line, which makes the most phonetic sense, right?), but dislike Maddie. It just sounds sort of bratty to be quite honest. I love the nn Maisy.

    And this is also tricky, because Maggie, Millie & Rosie are all adorable, yet I much prefer them as nns. Soooo, I guess that Tessa is my favorite? Tessa is lovely, as is the nn Tess. Sporty yet sweet.

    Hope this helps.
    Fur mommy to Amelia Skye, Artemis Sebastian & Fiona Beatrix

    Favorite girls: Guinevere, Daisy, Clementine, Greta, Eleanor, Adeline, Felicity

    Favorite boys: Colm, Ewan, Julian, Shiloh, Nolan

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    Apr 2016
    I love the sweet vintage sound of Tessa, and the fact that it's girly without being frilly. Rosie is a close second, but I prefer it as a nickname to something longer like Rosalie.

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    Nov 2016
    Millie is so sweet and fresh! Second favorite is Maggie for being cute and vintage.
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    Clement Wilde 'Clay' • Clyde Peregrine • Edmund Wolfe • Fergus Frederick
    Percy Noble • Reuben Sage • Seamus Bear • Stanley Ocean

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