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  • Tessa

    30 54.55%
  • Laurel

    12 21.82%
  • Claire

    21 38.18%
  • Other (suggestions in comments!)

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    Which of these names do you like best?

    We think we’ve narrowed it down to either Tessa, Laurel, or Claire, but we could really use some outside opinions! Which name do you like best?

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    I love Tessa -sweet, warm and light
    Laurel would be my next pick
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    I’ve loved Tessa since I was a teenager so that was my choice however I also really like Laurel.
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    I'm not a huge fan of any of them, but Tessa is my favourite choice out of them. There's something sweet and simply, but pretty about Tessa.
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    I love Claire/Clare (both spellings) followed by Tessa. I feel rather neutral about Laurel.

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    Tessa is great. Strong and pretty at the same time, and I love names that start with T, because it makes for a great initial-nickname.

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    I do love Tessa but it was my tabby cat's name growing up, so whether it's my nostalgia or attachment I'm not so fond of it on a person. I find it a bit too familiar and sweet as a stand-alone name.

    From your options I'd go with Laurel. It's uncommon but recognisable and I see it working in all situations. It also has beautiful imagery that the other two names don't have. Claire is a solid name, just a little underwhelming for me.

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    Oh, goodness. I couldn't choose between Laurel & Tessa. In the end, I choose Tessa. Tessa (and especially Tess) is sporty, smart & lovable. It's really simple, but not common. Laurel is kind & feminine sounding, & also well known yet not over done. My only concern that it's not as easy to say as Tessa.

    Claire is pretty, but just not as interesting as the other two.

    Hope this helps.
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    Tessa has been a favorite for me for forever. If I didn't have a single syllable last name which sounds best with 3 syllable girl names, I would have named my daughter that. I love that it's stand-alone, but can also be short for things OR shortened down to Tess.

    Claire is totally overdone, IMHO. And my Laurel friends have hated it because it gets mistaken for Laura, Lori, and Lauren all the time. I would so do Tessa.
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    I love Claire, even though others say it's overdone. I've only ever known one Claire. I think it's clear and light, streamlined and classic.

    Second pick would be spunky Tessa, though I prefer the simpler Tess.

    Laurel is kind of a tongue-twister, and too close to dated Laura and Lauren.

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