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    Middle name or Levi

    We are fairly settled on either Levi or Levin as a first name, and second middle name will likely be Ferdinand or Alfred for family. The first middle name is what we are unsure about still though.

    I'd want something classy but not too boring. Also not too long as I already find three names quite long. Some thoughts we've had:

    Levin Quinn Ferdinand
    Levin Arlo Ferdinand
    Levin Atlas Ferdinand (unlikely though, husband doesn't like Atlas)

    But none of them wow me quite yet - any ideas?
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    I saw your other post about needing a baby name that works in Germany? Levin is cute, but you should know that KEVIN is the German equivalent of the ultimate chav name. It’s probably not that big of a deal but still

    Levi Finley Alfred
    Levi Alfred Leander
    Levi August Ferdinand
    Levi Alfie Theodore
    Levi Remus Fred
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    I think it flows better if Ferdinand would be first in the middle name hierarchy.

    Levin Ferdinand Quinn (my favorite out of the three)
    Levin Ferdinand Atlas
    Levin Ferdinand Arlo

    Also seconding PPs suggestion of August as a middle, although also after Ferdinand (Levi Ferdinand August). Love Levi Atticus from your signature, as well! How about using Atticus for a middle? You could go for Levi Atticus Alfred. Classy and not too long.

    Hope this helps!

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