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    What do you think of Mavis with the occasional nickname Maeve or Maevy? I'm loving her right now, but she feels differently to me than some of my other favorites and I'm not sure how well they go together.

    Here are some sisters I like with Mavis:
    Mavis & Elisabeth "Betty"
    Mavis & Susannah "Susie"
    Mavis & Beth/Elisabeth "Beth"
    Mavis & Billie/Mabel "Billie"
    Mavis & Bonnie
    Mavis & Bea/Beatrix "Bea"
    Mavis & Abigail "Gail"
    Mavis & Polly

    I'm not sure how these go:
    Mavis & Jane
    Mavis & Louisa
    Mavis & Frances
    Mavis & Eleanor "Nell"
    Mavin & Ida
    Mavis & Bridget

    What do you think of the name and sibsets?

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    Personally I'm not mad keen on Mavis, I think it's a bit harsh and I much prefer Maeve as a stand alone. It's not unusable, I just don't really like it.

    I like Mavis and Polly, really leaning into the vintage style.
    Mavis and Mabel are way too close in my opinion.
    I also like Mavis and Ida and Mavis and Bridget. All of the others are ok, or I feel like the styles don't match that well. They're often a bit too classic with the slight clunky Mavis.

    Mavis and Peggy
    Mavis and Carol
    Mavis and Cheryl
    Mavis and Deirdra
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    Mavis is a total GP of mine...I'm really loving some of these old names like Mavis (and Gloria!) and feel like they could use a dusting off!

    I also think all of your sibling suggestions are spot-on. I have an especially soft spot for Mavis & Susannah, however!

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    I like Mavis. It's cute, vintage and interesting. Maeve is a lovely nickname

    Mavis & Jane - Jane is far too plain next to Mavid
    Mavis & Louisa - Sort of works, but Louisa seems a lot softer
    Mavis & Frances - I'm not a fan of the shared endings
    Mavis & Eleanor "Nell" - I think this works
    Mavin & Ida - Great pair
    Mavis & Bridget - Love these two together. Very similar feel, while completely distinct names
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    I love Mavis! It's pretty but not frilly, soft but not skittish.

    I really like Mavis and and Beatrix, Mavis and Polly, Mavis and and Louisa, Mavis and Ida, Mavis and Elisabeth w/ nn Betty.

    I love Mabel but I think Mavis and Mabel are too matchy for sisters.
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    I was thinking about Mavis the other day and I've even added it to my long list.

    I don't know why it hadn't appealed previously but it suddenly feels quite sharp, strong and fresh. I think it could be one of the names due for a comeback what with the current trend of names containing V (Ava, Evie/Evelyn/Eva, Olivia, Ivy).

    My favourite sets from your list are:

    Mavis & Billie/Mabel "Billie"
    Mavis & Bonnie
    Mavis & Bea/Beatrix "Bea"
    Mavis & Polly
    Mavis & Louisa
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