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    Unhappy Rosemary or Primrose?

    Two names that pop up in my head when trying to think of baby names, but I’m not sure if I 100% like them, and I don’t know how people would take to them.

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    I love them both. Rosemary is very 1950s to me but in a good way! Feminine, strong, and smart. Primrose is very sweet and I love the nickname Prim--it has a punk feel.
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    I really like Rosemary in reference to the herb rather than the flower + Mary. The herb name comes from Latin meaning dew of the sea, which is so pretty. I also think it's a lot more classic and flexible than Primrose, but that's not to say I don't like Primrose.

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    Not a fan of Primrose, but Rosemary is lovely. Such a sweet name with gorgeous nns.

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    Primrose is delicate, quirky, sweet and cute. It has various nn like Posy, Rose, Rosie, Prim, Pip

    Rosemary feels a little oldy-worldy, strong but sweet. Nn could be Romy, Mary, Rose, Rosie, Rory, Ro

    I like both , but they have different vibes so it depends what you want from the name!
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    I prefer Rosemary. For me Primrose is too strongly tied to the Hunger Games. The reference isn't one that kids her age will likely be aware of, but it is too strong for me personally.

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    Both are lovely! I prefer Rosemary because I like the vintage/ hippie vibe from it. I know one Rosemary (she's in her 50s).

    Primrose is just as's less heard of, but definitely a more modern favorite to alot of people.
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    I really like both, but I prefer Rosemary. If you feel like you don’t love either one, maybe look at lists of other botanical names?
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    Primrose! Sweet but substantial, with so many lovely nicknames.

    Rosemary feels very stuffy to me. I envision a lady who has worked in one place her entire life and everyone goes to her for questions since she's seen everything.
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    I love Primrose!

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