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    Themed CAF: The Arts

    Everyone in this family is named after a specific type of art, and they all excel in their respected areas. The father is named after music terms, the wife after famous authors, and their children are named after 80's movies, artists, food, and fashion designers.

    DH(Music): Adagio, Bene, Clef, Forte, Glissando, Harp, Jack, Legato, Note, Omaggio, Quintus, Reed, Solo, Tempo, Vespers, Zydeco
    DW(Literature): Adrienne, Betty, Camille, Danielle, Edith, Flannery, Geraldine, Harper, Iris, Jane, Katherine, Laura, Margaret, Nadine, Penelope, Sandra, Taylor, Vendela, Willa, Zadie

    DD(Performance): Ali, Caroline, Daisy, Emmy, Heather, Janey, Kat, Linda, Madison, Paula, Randy, Sally, Tess, Veronica
    DS(Visual/Fine Art): Albrecht, Chaim, David, Edgar, Francis, George, Henri, Jackson, Leonardo, Marc, Pablo, Ray, Salvator, Thomas, Umberto, Vincent, Wassily
    DS(Culinary): Ale, Bacon, Caesar, Devon, Eggbert, Filbert, Graham, Harvey, Ice, Joe, Kale, Louie, Mace, Napoleon, Pippin, Reuben, Sage, Tom, Vin, Waldorf
    DD(Fashion): Adele, Betsey, Carmen, Diane, Elsa, Frida, Jeanne, Kimora, Liz, Madeleine, Nanette, Sonia, Tory, Vera

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    Fascinated With Names

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    BOYS: Lysander, Raphael, Holden, Kearsarge, Merlin, Leo, Jasper, Scott, Byron, Wilhelm

    GIRLS: Serena, Rose, Lucky, Athena, Charity, Stella, Diamond, Brittany, Anastasia, Lorelei

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    aunt to
    Aurora Bella ♡

    Theodore. Rowan. Kit. Caspian. Jasper. Killian. Milo. Fox.
    Finn. Blake. Caleb. Gage. Ezra. Wren. Nico.
    August. Grayson. Wesley. Archer. Flynn. Ocean.
    Ruby. Hazel. Violet. Elanor. Scarlet. Arya. Snow. Matilda.
    Layla. Mabel. Juliet. Scout. Maisie. Lavender.
    Eowyn. Penelope. Lola. Dove. Willow. Olive. Luna. Ivy.

    current crushes:

    combos under construction

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    DH(Music): Reed Vespers
    DW(Literature): Iris Camille

    DD(Performance): Veronica Daisy
    DS(Visual/Fine Art): Leonardo Vincent
    DS(Culinary): Graham Harvey
    DD(Fashion): Madeleine Vera
    Boys: Julian, Felix, Ryland, Leonardo, August, Archer, Declan, Emmett, Lennon, Lyle, Lawrence, Nathaniel, Montgomery, Sinclair, York

    Girls: Cosette, Estelle, Anastasia, Amabel, Celestia, Evangeline, Felicity, Genevieve, Juliette, Ophelia, Violet, Paris, Rose, Lyra, Ivy

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    Cool idea!

    DH: Quintus Reed
    DW: Zadie Harper

    DD: Daisy Madison
    DS: Salvator Albrecht
    DS: Reuben Kale
    DD: Carmen Adele
    All-Time Favorites
    Aria Carrie Hazel Leslie Maxine Rowena
    Asher Brady Dustin Ezra Jonas Rory

    Thinking About...
    Alexandria Charlie Dahlia Gali Leia Sapphire
    Emmanuel Isaiah Link Miles Onyx Valentine

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    No Coast
    DH(Music): Reed Solo
    DW(Literature): Harper Jane

    DD(Performance): Daisy Caroline
    DS(Visual/Fine Art): Jackson Francis
    DS(Culinary): Graham Harvey
    DD(Fashion): Carmen Adele
    Stephanie Rae
    💍 Married 10.06.18 💙 TTC Evie or Jude 2020 👶
    Furmommy to: Alexander Hamilton *Hammy* & Marquis de Lafayette *Laffy*
    Proud auntie and fairy godmother to LA•LJ•MW•JA•AE•LMJ•LA
    Current c-c-c-combo crush: Prairie Radiance & Bravery Fox

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    DH age 38 • Jack Vespers Mozart
    DW age 39 • Iris Katherine Nadine Mozart [nee Jones]

    DD age 10 • Daisy Madison Katherine Mozart [changed Kat to Katherine]
    DS age 8 • Henry Vincent Jackson Mozart [changed Henri to Henry]
    DS age 6 • Louis Graham Rueben Mozart [changed Louie to Louis]
    DD age 3 • Elsa Frida Kimora Mozart

    "Jack + Iris; Daisy, Henry, Louis + Elsa"
    "Jack + Iris; Daisy, Henry, Louis + Elsie"

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