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    Lachlan nickname

    Lachlan James Saint Clair has just turned 2. He was my surprise third boy. Because of the age difference (I have a 12 and a 9yo) he is often referred to as Baby. If you ask him his name, that’s his response—Baby.
    I am very against Locky (or any spelling variation of it) and Lock (Lach) isn’t my favorite either. I’m considering Lake as a nickname.
    What do you think?
    I’ve always loved the name Lake, but it’s never made the final list because Lake Saint Clair sounds like a national park...

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    I really like Lachlan nn Lake and I think it's pretty plausible!
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    Hi there.

    Lachlan James is handsome! Lake is kind of cool; I wouldn't have thought of that. My first thought was 'Lad'. Super cute, huh?

    Hope this helps!
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    Lake is such a great and unexpected nn!
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    My first thought for a nn for Lachlan was “Lake”! I think its very cute
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    I think Lake is a great option! Since you already have a Lachlan I doubt you'd get to use Lake on another child anyway (as it's quite similar) so this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to use it!

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    I immediately thought "Lakey" (rhyming with Jakey.)
    Lonnie could be another one too.

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    I think Lake is cute. I do see the potential National Landmark kinda feel with the last name, but that’s probably true of most any last name you throw with it. You could also do LJ, given the middle initial
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    My first thought was Lake as well! I think it’s perfect and meant to be.

    Lanny might also be an option? I know that was a character in Lizzy McGuire 😂 but it’s pretty cute in my opinion.

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    If you don'y like Locky, what about Rocky?
    Lake is too girly especially for a baby brother.
    Have you asked the older boys for suggestions?
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