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Thread: Tattoos?

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    @thefairophelia: I agree with your husband and his brother, the pain when you're getting the tattoo isn't as bad as the healing process. That can be quite painful and when it's starting to heal it's rather itchy and uncomfortable.
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    First off, I’m really enjoying this thread! I don’t have any myself, but I am planning to get one before I finish uni next year. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and there’s an amazing studio/artist in my uni city. I’m set on getting a forget-me-not (my favourite flower) on my ankle (like this I’ve also considered getting it on my wrist, but I’m not too sure about it being more visible for job related stuff. I know people who have visible tattoos, but they’re mostly students and I think I’d like to be more familiar in a career/job before I got a more obvious one. Other than that, the main thing I’m worried about is actually talking to people, discussing the design, and booking a session, more so than the pain in all honesty.
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    I have three tattoos; a mandala lotus, a love heart with 'self love club' written inside it and some small roses, and then a matching big piece of a girl boxer with 'GRL PWR' written across her, and then a few roses underneath. The heart and girl boxer are on the same arm with the same theme and will eventually be a sleeve. The lotus is on the other arm, just on the inside of my wrist.

    I was hired with 2 of the tattoos, and didn't face any issues whatsoever (got my 3rd tattoo since this job). They aren't offensive but they're on full display and they're coloured so fully visible. I decided on the lotus randomly, I was around 18 and it was my first tattoo and I liked it so I just got it. Not much thought was put into it, but I don't regret it. The love heart was also thought up pretty quickly, I love the 'self love club' phrase and wanted it on my body, and I liked the love heart, so I just got them put together and the tattoo artist decided on the colour scheme. The girl boxer was thought out a lot, I wanted it for a long time but it is a big piece so it was just a money issue. Once I got the money, I booked it in. No regrets with that one or the heart either. They're both done by the same artist with the same neo-traditional theme and I'm hoping to finish off a half sleeve following this theme.

    Pain-wise, it depends where you get it. My wrist tattoo stung when she tattooed over the little creases on my inner wrist where it bends, but that was it. My heart tattoo is on my inner forearm and didn't hurt, until it was coloured in and that does sting a lot because he repeatedly went over the same area. The girl boxer was fine until he got near my elbow, then it hurt. And when it was coloured in, but it took 4 hours whereas my heart took 2 and my lotus took 20 minutes.

    No one has thought differently of me, but my GRL PWR one shows my stance on feminism which has been a good conversation starter, and at work customers compliment them a lot. Especially in summer when my arms are uncovered and the sun makes the colours look really fresh. Mine are all huge so there's no way I can hide them haha, minus long sleeves. Next on my list is a purple flower done in the neo-traditional style to add to my sleeve.

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    I haven’t got a tattoo yet, but it’s something that has really been on my heart recently. If I do decide to get one, it will be somewhere not always visible, and that could be covered with short sleeves for work. Several of my coworkers have visible tattoos and no one minds, but I just worry about future employment opportunities and such. Anyways, I’d like to get the word “reve.” in typewriter font, with a Van Gogh iris beside it. “Reve” is French for “dream,” and could also be short for reverie. Van Gogh painted the Irises when staying in a mental hospital during a depressive episode, and the painting was one that I often look at during my periods of mental health struggles to remind myself that lovely things could still be found in this world. Together, the word and the flower symbolize the fact that my mind, though often not very kind a place, has the capability to experience beautiful things, like reveries and irises. The typewriter font is because typewriters are often symbols of escape in literature. I also like that the letters would be a little bit spaced out in that font, so even if the word was small, it wouldn’t have as big a change of the letters bleeding together.
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    @jonquils: That's such a cool idea! I love the meaning it has for you. (Although I'm just coming on here to say that 'rêve' is spelt with a circumflex on the e; I'm sure you already know this, but I just wanted to check. I don't think 'reve' without the accent means anything in French.)
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