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    May 2019

    The Description Name Game

    Tried this about three times in the name games forums and it didn't show up.
    The first person gives a description, then the next person gives a name that fits the description. Then they give a description.
    First person: a little girl that's blond, loves the color pink and flowers.
    Next person: Flora Rose ( this person gives a description now)

    I'll start us off!

    An early riser who stands on rocks and plays in the ocean breeze.

    Have fun!!!

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    Nov 2016
    Cecily Margot

    A girl who loves sunflowers and always tries to be optimistic and kind
    For now...
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Aurelia Eve|Cornelia Opal|Felicity Piper|Elodie Saoirse
    Jovie Emmeline|Aoife Mirabel|Indie Florence|Cleo Emilia
    Edith Luella|Delilah Juno|Penelope Iris

    More names!

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    Nov 2017
    Amelie Margaux

    A boy who is a night owl and loves to look at the stars

    amelie margaux, anthea romilly, agnes ostara, aster ottoline, acadia fern, aella nightingale, astraea valkyrie, aurelia eluned


    august boone, ambrose ocean, apollo hawk, aries evander, arlo wren, alastair indigo, atlas wilder, auberon everest

    pet mama to sons marlow, scout, oliver & ezra

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    Apr 2019
    Atlas Henry

    A boy who likes getting into trouble but is also very smart and a bookworm
    annie | teenberry | lover of names | dog mom to cassie

    names i’ve been loving:

    Maeve Rosalind - Genevieve Ophelia - Ada Catherine - Ines Victoria - Phoebe Elizabeth & Isabelle Patricia

    Leo Sebastian - Philip Tobias - August James - Clark Alexander - Harrison James & Corbin Matthew

    my current crushes: Lavinia Scarlett and Sylvie Juliette

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    Apr 2018
    Hansel Blaise

    A boy with red hair, and blue eyes, who loves to be outside with the animals
    Mommy to Audrey Jeanine and Ezra Marvin

    Surprise! Violet Lenore born 4/1/19

    Some favorite girls names

    Celia Joy ~ Dahlia Rue ~ Thea Grace ~ Violet Lenore

    Some favorite boys names: Gideon Kent ~ Jasper Lee ~ Oscar Jack ~ Tobias Poe

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