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    First of all, I love the name combinations of Fiona Hart and Everley Honor, especially Everley spelled that way!

    I think that Gwendolyn Hailey, Gwendolyn Halle, and Gwendolyn Harlow are some nice combinations!

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    Gwendolyn Harlow is my favorite of all the suggestions - I think it's a lovely combination, and compliments Everley Honor & Fiona Hart wonderfully! Your other children have beautiful names, by the way.

    Gwendolyn Heather, Gwendolyn Heidi & Gwendolyn Hester are other combos that really stood out to me!
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    Gwendolyn Hope is so pretty! However, if you're sure about it, I would suggest Gwendolyn Hazel or Gwendolyn Harbor. They flow so nicely together! I know several others have already suggested these two, and you may not like them very much either, but I think they sound great on the end of Gwendolyn.
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